What to Do If a Squirrel Approaches You?

Sometimes, squirrels start chasing you or approach you when something attracts them. For example, the color of your dress or the sound can make it come to you.

What to Do If a Squirrel Approaches You? According to our experience, a squirrel can approach you if it is injured or hungry and looking for food due to its curious nature. However, you should not touch or feed them with your hands to avoid germs. In addition, they can develop a friendship with humans if you visit them regularly.

Many people talk about the aggressive nature of wild squirrels that approach to attack while the pet squirrels behave in a friendly way.

It is better to evaluate if it is wild or tame and then respond accordingly.


Small rodents are attractive creatures because of their furry tail. It is fascinating to observe them exploring things and moving around in your gardens. They respond to a minor change in their surroundings that may include a pleasant sound, noise, or movement of others.

They are curious to know about the cause of every happening. So it becomes alert when something suspicious happens.

This little creature stops after a small distance while moving and looks at the things it has not seen before.

In addition, a piece of paper or a shiny material attracts it, and it inspects these things by staying at a distance to stay safe from any mishap.

It becomes curious to know about it when someone offers food, and as it gets comfortable, it starts eating it.

It is interesting for them to see the humans and keep staring at them. Then, it can approach you because of curiosity about noticing the people and the things around you.

A squirrel can also move toward you if you feed them or make noise.

To show dominancy

The animals and birds give a sudden response in reaction to an attack. Sometimes, they take any gesture as an attack due to the misconception and attack back.

It is a primary factor for the safety of every living organism that they respond according to their perceiving nature.

They show dominancy when they see someone coming towards them and start approaching them. It starts moving towards it even if that person is standing still.

This nature shows that it considers itself dominant among other creatures. Moreover, it moves fast, due to which it moves fearlessly toward humans.

It moves toward pets and children without hesitation due to its dominant nature. In addition, it has a bold nature, due to which it approaches adults.

To take food

Pets and wild animals move towards food because it is their primary need. Therefore, you can show affection to your pets by offering them food.

In wild animals, this affection can be for a short time because they can attack you when they find an opportunity.

Squirrels approach you because they also get attracted to food. You can notice its behavior in your garden or lawn when you provide it with anything to eat.

In the first attempt, it may not move towards the food, but it moves towards it after repeated attempts.

It gets close to humans once it feels no danger from them. Then, it starts moving towards the food by walking on its hind legs, which looks interesting.


Humans have a specific bond with many creatures, due to which they can live with them. This bond becomes stronger with the pets because they live with them in a house.

Wild squirrels can be friendly once they get attached to someone who cares for them and provides food. However, in case of any threat, it can attack the same human.

The lawns and garden squirrels have a different nature because they are not arrogant and behave friendly. It approaches you because of the friendship bond that makes it move towards you.

Moreover, it is better to provide a safe environment and build trust to stay in friendship with these rodents.

It can remember the face of the individual who shows affection for it

Stay at a distance

Animals and birds have different habitats and lifestyles than humans, due to which they need a separate living place.

These creatures contain several germs which can affect humans when they come in contact with them.

Squirrels can become arrogant any time, so you must maintain distance from them. It attacks when it feels threatened by the opposite side.

In addition, it has pointed claws which can affect you while attacking. Therefore, you should stay at a distance from these rodents due to their harmful nature.

It can cause typhus and ringworm in humans if it carries these germs. 

It can also affect you when it bites you with its teeth, so it is essential to stay away from this little creature.

Do not touch 

Animals can survive with some bacteria, while humans cannot survive if the same bacteria or virus enters humans.

The pets are vaccinated to live with humans and kept in a neat and clean environment. It reduces the chances of infection between them.

Squirrels also spread many diseases, due to which you cannot touch them. Therefore, the chances of infection can increase if you come in contact with a wild squirrel.

Moreover, you can move away and try not to touch it when it approaches you.

Do not move

They get irritated when someone keeps chasing them and offers them food. You can relax by not moving from your place.

It does not move towards you at first sight because of fear. Therefore, staying still when you see a squirrel approaching you is better.

It comes towards you and starts looking at you to determine whether you can harm it or not. You should focus on the interest and relaxation of the squirrel so that it can remain friendly to you.

In case of injury

Animals and birds need someone’s help when they get injured due to any reason. Their group members are their priority and can help them in such a situation.

They can get the help of humans when no group member is there to help.

You can see a squirrel that is handicapped and moving toward you.

It is a sign that it feels helpless and needs someone to take care of it.

In this situation, you need to access the wound and give some water and food to gain energy. Then, you can take it to a vet doctor who can take care of it in a better way.

Hand feed a squirrel

Many people who keep them as pets hand feed them due to the affection and bond that they share. It is not better to hand-feed a wild squirrel in the forest or backyard.

There are chances of biting when you give it food through your hand. The infection chances increase when you hand feed it.

The tiny creature is habitual in finding food for its survival. However, this habit becomes less when you start giving food by hand.

Avoid hand feeding to avoid germs and to maintain the squirrel’s habit of exploring food.

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