Are Squirrels Legal Pets in Florida?

There are restrictions on keeping squirrels as pets in many states of America, so it is better to know the specific rules and guidelines before choosing them as pets.

Are Squirrels Legal Pets in Florida? Squirrels are legal pets in Florida and other states like South Carolina, Michigan, Montana, etc. You can keep a few types of these furry animals as pets, but you need a permit to keep grey squirrels. Moreover, it is illegal to have these animals as pets in California, Colorado, Arizona, etc., due to their destructive and demanding behavior.

Many people want to keep squirrels as pets as they appear innocent and attractive animals that can be easy to handle, but it is challenging for an owner to train them as they are aggressive.

Is it legal to keep a squirrel as a pet in Florida?

Squirrels are not considered good pets due to their wild nature and aggressive behavior when someone tries to interfere with them.

However, these are allowed to keep as pets in Florida and a few other states of the US despite their destructive behavior.

Many people show interest in caring for these small furry animals as their innocent looks attract them.

Accordingly, Florida has allowed them to bring the injured or orphan animals to their home and take care of them to return to their everyday lives.

It is better to check the laws in your state as many states consider it illegal to take these wild animals in your animal and put your life at risk.

What makes squirrels legal pets in Florida?

The wildlife services of the US allow squirrels to be kept as pets inside homes in different situations, but you have to follow some specific rules and regulations about keeping them.

The natives of Florida can adopt an orphan furry animal when no one takes care of them, as the male partner leaves the nest after mating.

However, the female can also leave the nest when they have the threat of predators leaving their babies behind. So, you can take them to your homes and offer feed to help them grow.

In addition, it is ethically accurate to take care of an injured animal when suffering from a severe cut or other problems.

You can provide appropriate treatment and place them inside the cage to avoid the attack of predators, as they cannot give a response in return.

Keep these furry animals in a safe area until they can run, climb, and follow defensive measures. It is good to keep them until their rehabilitation when they have recovered completely.

Furthermore, it is essential to follow the guidelines designed by wildlife services before getting a license for legal authority to keep them.

A cage needs to be at least 4 to 5 feet in length, 4 to 5 feet in width, and the same height for placing only one squirrel. It gets double or triple when their number exceeds two or more.

Additionally, a shelter box must be in the cage, a climbing apparatus, and items for gnawing, like balls and logs.

A disease-free furry animal inside a furnished enclosure can get a chance to have a permit from the wildlife authorities.

Do you need a permit to have a pet squirrel in Florida?

You need a permit to keep the wild animals as personal pets inside your home in Florida, even if you are keeping them temporarily. In addition, a license application is required if you want to bring them inside your home.

You have to fulfill US wildlife services’ requirements to get a license for keeping these furry animals; otherwise, you will not obtain a permit.

Moreover, there is an exception for a grey squirrel, considered a game animal that needs a permit to be a permanent or temporary pet in Florida.

The state considers it a legitimate animal as there is a significant risk of hunting for different purposes.

Furthermore, this game farm license is only provided if you are more than 17 or 18 years old, and the license cost is around $50 to $55 each year.

What type of squirrels are common in Florida?

You can see these animals in Florida keep roaming the streets and climbing large trees. Three main types of these furry animals commonly seen in this region are fox, flying, and eastern grey squirrel.

You can keep all of them as pets as there is no such restriction to avoid keeping them inside homes like in other states, but you need a license for only grey animals.

In addition, you can also buy chipmunks, red squirrels, and other exotic species like Prevost squirrels to make them your companions.

Furthermore, you can buy them at the cost of $200 to $2600 depending on the age, and their type, as babies and native species have different prices compared to adult exotic species.

Can I keep a baby squirrel as a pet?

You can keep adult squirrels as pets in Florida, and babies are also allowed to be placed inside cages.

It is better to get young animals to have healthy fur on their bodies, indicating the absence of any infectious disease on their skin or furs.

The young ones that are around 7 to 8 weeks old have passed through the weaning stage and do not need their mother’s attention. Therefore, it is pretty easy to feed and handle them as compared to babies.

Moreover, babies need more attention and care as they are in the growth stages, so buy an active pet having bright eyes that can eat and live alone.

Furthermore, two female squirrels can live together if they lived together as babies, but they would not accept each other once they grew bigger and grew up.

Why is it illegal in some states to keep squirrels as pets?

Many states of America do not allow squirrels as pets as they are unsafe to be kept in homes. In addition, they have sharp claws and strong teeth that can help them bite and make scratches on the skin.

Moreover, keeping these furry animals in cages in California is illegal due to their destructive nature and demanding behavior, as they can eat almost everything and destroy the surroundings.

In addition, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, and many other states consider it illegal to have these furry animals as pets as they are challenging to handle.

These can affect the furniture and clothing due to sharp claws and are challenging to be trained. Furthermore, they quickly react to an uncomfortable situation and have space requirements.

Which states allow squirrels as pets?

It is considered legal to keep them as pets in a few American states as it helps in the protection of wild animals when they are injured or have lost their parents.

The states allowing squirrels inside homes include:

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • South Carolina

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