Do Crows Pick Up Shiny Objects?

Crows are curious and intelligent birds showing different behavior in changing environments and situations. Various myths are associated with these birds and their behavior when you observe them flying around your house.

Do Crows Pick Up Shiny Objects? Crows do not pick up shiny objects because they are only interested in food sources and nesting places. They are actually scared of shiny and reflecting items, as the dazzling reflecting rays can be dangerous, and they cannot see properly. However, there are myths about crows collecting shiny things due to various reasons, but no empirical evidence is present about these stories.

Some people think they are scared of such objects, while others believe they steal or pick up bright and gleaming things from their yards or other places around the house.

Can crows pick up shiny objects?

There is no scientific evidence of crows picking up shiny objects or being attracted to the reflecting materials they come across while searching for food.

Scientists believe all the stories about these birds collecting such objects are myths, as there is no empirical evidence of such behavior.

The anecdotes are not evidence for scientists unless they observe such behavior and find the logic behind these incidents.

Not all crows or birds need to behave the same way if one member of the bird species steal or takes a shiny thing in its beak.

However, people often report many cases of crows stealing their key chains and other jewelry items because they associate these birds with bad luck and robberies if they often see the crows flying around the house.

They draw spiritual meanings and signs if they lose their metal objects and see crows flying near the house, as they think they steal the item.

Are crows afraid of shiny objects?

They are afraid of highly-reflecting objects because the dazzling sunlight rays reflecting from the metal surfaces can scare these birds.

They think the rays from the highly reflecting and luminous surfaces are dangerous and keep a distance from such objects.

They do not want to involve themselves in inexperienced situations and maintain adequate distance. Many farmers and landlords hang luminous and reflecting things, such as old CDs, reflecting tapes, and sharp laser beams keep these birds away from their properties.

The reflecting or aluminum tapes a large amount of light when direct sunlight falls on these items, which prevents the crows from entering and destroying the crops and gardens in group forms.

The reflecting rays also cause visual disturbance for these birds, and they prefer to stay away, and the sharp reflections scare them, as they think predators are going to trap or kill them.

Many experiments are performed with Carvidae species, and they show strange behavior like they are hesitant and scared to approach the shiny and reflecting objects.

Wild and captivated crows show different behavior when they see metal or luminous surfaces, such as wild animals do not bother to collect or pick these things unless they look attracted to them and pick them up for some reason.

Why do people think that crows pick up shiny objects?

Although there is no empirical evidence about crows picking up shiny and reflecting things, some people believe they steal and collect these objects for the following reasons.

Shiny stones to play

Crows like to play in the wild and spacious yards, which helps them to enhance their problem-solving skills and maintain the energy level in their bodies.

People think they pick up the shiny stones in the wild or yard to play games by holding them in their beaks and flying from one place to another.

They can tease the person sitting in the yard by flying around with the black or reflecting stones in their beaks. Magpie is a specie from the same bird family, and people often confuse both species because magpies can collect and take shiny items and objects to their living places.

Carry the metal objects to their nest

There are many stories that these birds pick up metal and shiny objects from different places and keep them as a collection in their nest.

However, no such events are observed, and scientists do not value and believe in these tales, as people made these stories long ago.

Moreover, the crows in captivity may pick the keys, coins, and other metal or shiny things because they observe the owners deeply in every activity.

There is no evidence that every bird from the Carvidae family behaves in the same way, as a few incidents can occur when a crow picks up the key or coin and carry these things in its nest.

They remain curious about many things around them and want to explore the things attracting their attention.

It is possible that people link their inspecting nature with their preference to collect the reflecting objects, which is not the case. 

Take it as a food source

Crows are scavengers and fly to various places to find a food source. They do not show interest in shiny or metal objects because food is the only thing that matters to them.

They can steal food and store or bury it for later use; therefore, they can pick up the aluminum foil covers because they misunderstand it with the food.

They can pick the shiny aluminum foil from the trash can outside the house and take it to their nest to get some food leftover inside it.

It confuses people that they are attracted to shiny items and pick or collect them to place in the nest. The bright or luminous objects are not their concern because they only care about the potential food sources.

Do crows bring you shiny gifts?

Crows can bring you shiny gifts if you feed them food or behave nicely with these curious creatures. They are intelligent and can memorize faces for 2-3 years.

They do not forget people’s faces if they provide them benefits or harass them. They can become friends with people who often feed them with their favorite food.

They can bring gifts for you by picking them up from some places to show gratitude. They can often visit you to get food if you feed them once, and they can bring other fellows.

It is not a usual practice, but it can happen sometimes. You cannot link this activity of bringing shiny gifts with the myth that they love to collect or pick reflecting objects.

They are only attracted to the food sources and want to build safe nests for the young babies and their eggs. Bringing shiny gifts is an act of gratefulness to get an easy food source.

Which birds pick up shiny objects?

Many birds are attracted to shiny objects such as coins, metal items, jewelry, key chains, and stones, as they can link them with a food source.

Jay Blue bird living in eastern North America is attracted to reflecting and shiny objects. They can peck at aluminum canes and metal objects as they try to find some edible or food source.

The reflecting things also attract Eurasian magpies, as they become curious and fly to get and inspect these things. They become scared when people approach them and fly away by picking up objects around them.

An omnivore bird, Western Jackdaw, found in Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia, is also attracted to bright things. They look like crows and magpies and are famous for stealing many objects that attract their attention.

Mynah is the bird species you often see in the backyard in the wild by making noises and are fascinated by shiny objects.

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