Why Are Crows Around My House?

Crows are black-colored, intelligent, flying birds belonging to the genus Corvus bird’s family. They often remain curious about things happening around them and can annoy you with their cawing voice when a large number of crows gather at your place.

Why Are Crows Around My House? Crows can gather around the house due to various reasons, such as food sources, ponds or water lakes, trees, and roosting spots, and visit the dead fellow in the yard or roof. They can hold grudges and roam around the house to irritate you by cawing in sharp voices. People also relate the crows gathering with various spiritual meanings and signs.

Their population is increasing in urban areas because they find suitable places with moderate temperature roosting areas to live and survive. You often observe a large number of these birds sitting on the wires outside the house or on the trees.

Why are crows gathering around my house?

There are various reasons for crows to gather at a place, as they are social and like to roam around in search of food and to pass their free time.

Food source 

Like many birds and animals, crows are also omnivores and eat anything available without hesitation to fill their stomach and gain energy.

They can eat food you left on your plates and throw it in the trash cans. They gather around the house or in your yard if you have an uncovered trash can and throw the leftover food there.

Moreover, they can gather around the house if there is a place outside the house where the neighbor throws the leftover food bags, which attracts these birds.

They can also eat dead insects and birds; therefore, there can be a dead bird or insects in the yard or around the house if these birds are cawing and flying around this place.

The pet food in the yard or the birdfeeder can also attract these birds in the yard because they gather around the potential food source and call other fellows to feed. 

Ponds or water lakes

It is essential to understand why crows gather at a place more often because they attract to the places where they find a potential food source or fresh water.

They need adequate water to keep their bodies hydrated, especially in summer when the temperature is too high for these birds.

The pond or water lake near your living place can attract these birds, and they come with the murder of crows to drink water or take a bath.

The birdbath in the backyard or outside the house can also cause these birds to gather around this place and invite other family members to join them.

These birds often visit the water lakes or ponds in summer to keep their body temperature cool and digest food after drinking water.

Tress around the house

They can gather in places with large numbers of trees because they build nests on the tree tops using leaves and twigs.

They can rest on the trees when traveling long distances. The crows in the backyard or outside your living place are due to the tree, as they roost on tall trees under the branching shade and at night to hide from predators.

They can roam around this place and sit on the trees until they find a food source. They build nests in the trees to raise the young babies and mate with the female.

The murder of crows flying near the house in winter and summer is due to the roosting trees, as they build nests or roam in this place to sleep at night, and you hear cawing early in the morning.

Dead crows in the garden or roof

Dead crows in the garden or on the roof can cause these birds to gather around the house and perform the death rituals for a departed fellow.

These birds can feel grief at the death of a fellow crow and alter the other crows about the dead bird by making a cawing sound.

The murder of crows gathers to attend the funeral and mourn the death of a fellow mate. They do not allow predators to eat the corpse and caw in their full voice for several minutes after observing the dead fellow.

There will be a dead crow in the garden or roof if many birds gather at the same time, and you should check for the reason and remove the dead bird as soon as possible, as it can cause other predators to enter this place.

Can hold grudges

These birds are smart and intelligent and also have sharp long-term memory. They can remember human faces for two to three years and hold grudges for a long time.

For example, they can gather around your house and piss you off if you treat these birds badly or misbehave with these medium-sized birds.

They can communicate with other crows and call them around this place to irritate you with their annoying voices. Therefore, make sure to keep a distance from these birds, as they do not forget your behavior for a long time.

What does it mean when you see a crow around the house?

People associate crows and the number of these birds with spiritual signs, such as good luck, bad luck, health, prosperity, death, and many more.

There is no scientific evidence for the myths people have about these birds, but they strongly believe in the theories of their ancestors.

Different cultures and people believe that birds can communicate with us in many ways and deliver messages related to the present life and future.

The number of crows around the home represents different meanings, such as one bird representing bad luck, a message from a dead family member, or the sign that you are not alone.

Two crows show new beginnings and peace or harmony, while three birds represent health, physical, mental, or emotional transformation.

Seeing four crows shows prosperity, stability, good luck, and balance in the present or future life. Similarly, five birds show poor health, an increase in spiritual activities, and sudden unexpected changes.

However, murders of crows show death, bad luck, or sorrowful events; therefore, people get sad or worried when they see many crows cawing around their place.

How can you keep the crows away from your house?

You can keep the crows away from the house because their irritating voices can annoy you, or they can cause damage to the property.

Hang fake decoys

You can hang fake decoys to keep these birds at bay from the garden or house, such as people often hanging owls, snakes, and other predators to deter them.

You can select the decoys of different animals and birds from online websites or nearby stores if you are fed up with the crows cawing around your living place.

The framers and landlords also hang effigies and decoys to avoid several birds and animals from their lands, as these animals and birds can cause damage to the crops and the property. 

Use lasers

Birds do not like laser light and prefer to stay away, and you can use these lights to keep them away from the places where laser lights are hung. You can use green laser lights to deter these birds from the trees in the yard or outside the home.

Moreover, people also use reflective tape and shiny aluminum plates, which can force these birds to settle somewhere else and move out of this place.

It does not cause damage to the birds and is chemical-free bird repellent. You can also hang the old CDs in the garden or backyard, which will reflect light and deter these birds from this place.

Hang wind chimes or pyrotechnics

The old technique to keep these birds away from the backyard or the house is to hang wind chimes on the trees where the crows sit to roost, and there are chances of bird nests.

The wind chimes voice annoys them, and they fly away from this place. You can use another technique to use pyrotechnics to deter these birds.

Pyrotechnics are the devices that threaten these birds by producing fireworks and thunderclap noises. This technique disturbs the neighbors, as the sharp voices interrupt their sleep and other activities.

Remove the food and water sources

Birds are attracted to the leftover food and dead insects in the garden or near your home. It is better to remove the food sources if you often eat evening snacks in the garden.

Cover the trash can and throw the daily waste in a landfill where the cleaning staff separates the recycled products and dispose of the non-recycled waste. You can remove the birdbath from the backyard to keep the birds away.

Use bird spikes

Bird spike is another option most house owners use to keep the birds out of the house and backyard. The bird spikes are the stainless steel protruding spikes to deter the crows and birds from roosting or building nests in the backyard.

They are not designed to hurt birds but are safe because they do not cause injury. They can vary in size and design, such narrow, wide, or multiple angled spikes are available to install as a fence to keep these birds at bay.

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