Are Squirrels Endangered Species?

Many people do not bother about squirrels’ survival and enjoy hunting and killing these furry animals and contributing to their extinction.

Are Squirrels Endangered Species? Squirrels are endangered species due to excessive hunting, increased use of rodenticides, excessive traffic on the road, and cutting of forests. Furthermore, they are at risk of becoming extinct due to the biodiversity crisis. 

In addition to many other animals and birds and need conservation efforts and protection to regain their population density.

Why are squirrels endangered species?

They are considered an endangered species due to many reasons like they are not getting the deserved attention from people and being killed on a large scale.

Excessive hunting 

They are fast-running animals that can attract hunters to test their skills by targeting the small animals climbing on the large trees.

These animals quickly change their positions and offer a challenge to hunters to target them. Therefore, they are prone to excessive hunting leading to a decline in their population.

Only a few species are allowed to hunt in different states, and some have been allowed to keep them as pets to breed and multiply their number to overcome the species loss.

It is only possible to change their status from endangered to safe when there is a restriction on hunting and limiting the hunters to avoid killing these species.

Biodiversity crisis

Plants and animals suffer from a biodiversity crisis when human efforts like deforestation destroy their habitats.

Excessive cutting down of trees is responsible for the loss of habitat for many animals and making them endangered species as they do not make them fit in a different environment.

Not only is habitat destruction the reason for less number of squirrels, but pollution and climate change are also prominent factors to wipe out their population from this planet.

Furthermore, this critical issue was observed after the 1980s when biodiversity loss was observed at a large scale and affected their population.

Accordingly, it is essential to conserve the squirrel species by reducing pollution and decreasing the impact of climate change on their lifestyle.

Excessive use of rodenticides 

Rodenticides are used on a large scale to kill rodents as these chemicals can help reduce the population of rodents inside homes.

Such pesticides are effective for a wide range of rodents as they can kill rats, squirrels, chipmunks, etc., due to their broad range of action.

Moreover, such chemicals have been excessively increased, decreasing the population of these furry animals and making them endangered.

So, it is better to reduce the use of rodent-killing chemicals to avoid the risk of their extinction, as it can affect the ecosystem by negatively impacting forest regeneration.

Increased road traffic 

The ground squirrels prefer to move on the ground and have been seen crossing the roads many times. The increase in traffic and moving vehicles increases the risk of an accident.

Large vehicles can hit these small furry animals and crush their bodies, sometimes leading to sudden death.

It is challenging for vehicles to stop the massive cars coming at high speed when they appear on the road in no time.

Sudden braking can be unsafe for the cars and the other vehicle sharing the road, so they have to hit these innocent animals.

Increased construction of buildings 

The number of city buildings has been continuously increasing for development purposes.

The Carolina northern flying squirrel is announced as an endangered species because its habitat has been destroyed for highway construction after dividing the forests into two parts.

An increased population on the opposite sides of the highway leads to a loss of genetic diversity as these furry animals feel threatened and face survival issues.

However, specific measures have been taken to improve genetic diversity by creating poles on the highways with beams.

Furthermore, these are extended over the road and allow them to cross the road quickly without risking their lives.

What type of squirrels are endangered species? 

Almost all types of squirrels are endangered because they die due to attacks from predators or during road accidents when fast-moving cars hit these animals hard while crossing the road.

The tree animals spending most of their lives on the tree branches and ground ones moving close to the ground have to die due to external factors.

Moreover, flying squirrels prefer to live in places providing excessive food and better shelter, but they are prone to extinction due to changes in the weather changes leading to the warm climate.

The San Bernardino flying squirrel living in the California mountains are suffering from a severe decline in their population due to drought conditions and hot climate as they primarily eat fungus.

In addition, there will be no fungus growth in the absence of moisture as truffle requires moist conditions to grow well, leading to the death of furry animals.

The Virginia northern flying squirrel lives in a forest having red spruce trees, and the clearing of forests also affects their habitat and leads to their endangerment.

Furthermore, squirrels living in Carolina will become extinct due to development in the area where these were living.

So, the habitats of squirrels, including red, grey, and brown-like shrubby trees, soils, and larger trees in the forest, are clearing out slowly, which is responsible for their extinction.

How are squirrels protected from being extinct?

It is essential to protect the squirrels from being endangered species as they are keystone species for an ecosystem and play low redundancy functions.

Their absence can badly affect the environment as they are nature’s gardeners and help shape the composition of plants.

Accordingly, the wildlife services have taken crucial steps to avoid the risk of becoming extinct and implement certain limitations, like they have banned hunting these animals.

Many people have started hunting these innocent-looking creatures for fun.

Furthermore, these species are relocated to different regions strategically when they face issues of living in a particular habitat and dying.

Suitable places are selected, and these animals are relocated to areas with plenty of food and better habitat to improve their survival.

Are red squirrels endangered?

The population of red squirrels is declining continuously as it was more than 3 million, but only 130,000 to 140,000 are left.

However, the population of American grey squirrels was continuously rising and reached almost 2 to 2.5 million and introduced to the territory of red ones.

Grey ones have a negative impact on the population of red squirrels when they are introduced into their territory as they like to live in a community.

Moreover, they carry squirrelpox virus that is not affecting the health of their carrier but is deadly for red ones as they are susceptible to this deadly virus.

They are at risk of extinction due to American grey ones because they carry infectious germs having the potential to kill them.

In addition, the grey squirrels consume green acorns and cut off the food source for red ones because they prefer to eat the ripened acorns.

Furthermore, the woodland habitat is reducing quickly, which is a favorable habitat for the red ones to live in and is responsible for the decline in their population density.

So, they are considered endangered due to the introduction of grey animals and the destruction of woodland habitats.

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