Why Raise Pigeons?

Many people like pigeons due to their calm and peaceful nature that only make noise when feeling uncomfortable and make cooing sounds, usually when they are happy.

Why Raise Pigeons? You can raise pigeons because they are easier to train as pets and are used in exhibitions and racing competitions. They are affordable pets, good companions, and adorable or loyal birds. Furthermore, these are good messengers that can also control pests and are good companions of humans.

Pigeons have a longer lifespan as they can live for almost 5 to 6 years if provided with food and care, which makes them ideal birds for keeping as pets.

Production of meat

Pigeon meat is highly nutritious as it contains a good source of protein having better flavor. It is easy to get rid of the probability of disease transfer from these dirty birds by cooking the meat.

It is a cheap source of nutritional meat compared to other expensive sources that are not affordable for poor people to purchase and are easier to catch.

Moreover, giant homers, white king, and French mondain are the most common breeds used for meat production. Most commonly, squabs or young birds are selected for purchase to get meat.

Selling purpose

You can raise pigeons if you are interested in selling them to birders who are interested in keeping them as pets. Many people buy these attractive birds as pets and look for commercial sellers.

There are different reasons for people buying them, as they probably want to eat their meat or use it for breeding purposes.

Sellers can make a good earning by selling the trained birds as many people are searching for those birds that can adjust to their home environment and do not irritate them.

Pigeons are easier to train 

It is a little bit challenging to keep pigeons as a pet compared to others requiring high maintenance. However, you can train them efficiently as they quickly pick up the cues and understand human language.

Moreover, pigeons are not afraid of humans, and these birds are well-mannered and poop at a particular place when you train them not to defecate in the yards.

You can also teach them how to respond to a particular condition by repeating the same gestures repeatedly. For example, it depicts a food signal when you whistle or bring your hand forward.

It helps them understand that you are offering food to eat, so they would sit on the hand or come closer to eat the grains.

Additionally, they are intelligent and easier to be kept at home if you are ready for frequent cleaning of their nests.

Exhibition and racing

Beautiful pigeons with fancy tails are usually raised for exhibitions as they are displayed publicly.

The fantail pigeons are preferably grown for display because they have attractive tails and are decent white.

Additionally, they are also kept at home for participation in bird racing competitions. A fast-flying bird can become a winner, so they are trained in that way.

Their incredible memories and recognition abilities enable them to return to their nests even after going hundreds of miles away from home.

Furthermore, the sun, magnetic field, and signboards help them identify the exact location as they have better visibility and remember things and signs.

Efficient messengers 

These birds have been used as messengers in the past due to their special abilities.

Moreover, a particular variety of domestic birds called homing pigeons are considered messengers because they can help share messages by overcoming ground barriers.

They can easily reach areas and deliver messages where humans cannot go. In addition, they have specialized neurons that help them remember their home locations and return after delivering messages.

Pigeons are affordable pets

You can purchase them at a low cost compared to dogs and cats of the quality breed.

A pair of pigeons is a good option when you are growing it for breeding purposes and an inexpensive choice.

Its pair can cost you almost $50 to $200, while racing of a superior breed can cost you around $500 to $990.

Additionally, a parrot can also be expensive as it is almost $100 to $1000 even when you are looking for the cheaper one.

However, you have to pay for a dog of a better breed as a single pet dog can be almost $2200 to $8500, which is much more expensive than this bird.

Their food is also cheap as they can eat snails and worms from the soil and even consume food leftovers like biscuits, rice, pasta, or even their pet food is not costly.

Good companions 

They are known as good companions as you can spend time with these cooing birds whenever you feel lonely and need a friendly pet to talk to.

Moreover, they can talk, understand your gestures, and be trained for conditioned responses. Finally, they are loving friends and develop an affection for their owner.

Some people take these birds out of their cages and petted with gentle hands. These birds like to be petted when anyone moves fingers in their feathers and holds them gently.

Pigeons can control pests 

They can help control pests that are commonly present inside houses, like rats and other creatures living in the soil.

They can attack the invertebrates present in the soil as they are mostly seen pecking on muddy ground. Accordingly, it consumes pests and worms that can be dangerous for humans.

So, humans raise these birds at home if they have a large number of pests and want to get rid of them. They can quickly consume earthworms, other insects, grains, and fruits.

Pigeons are adorable and loyal

They look attractive as their bodies show different colors like grey, black, and bluish grey with colorful bands on their neck.

Many people raise pigeons as pets because their attractive looks allure them. They have sleek bodies, thin beaks, red feet, and small size, which makes them adorable and easy to handle.

In addition, they are loyal to their owners and never leave them whenever they get free for a flight. They will return to their nests on the owner’s whistle as they depend on them.

It is fascinating to see a flock of birds flying higher in the sky in groups while flapping wings. They usually puff their chests, move fancy tails, and make cooing sounds to attract people.

Obtain pigeon poop

Many farmers grow many pigeons to get their poop, as this natural fertilizer is a cost-effective option and provides nutritional elements to the plants for better growth.

This poop is rich in nitrogen, providing a cheap source of fertilizers, and is a macronutrient that helps the plant make proteins essential for its structure and function.

In addition, the process of photosynthesis needs nitrogen and helps in cells’ nourishment for growth and better survival.

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