Why is My Rabbit Facing the Wall?

Many people love to have rabbits in their gardens, and they get confused when their rabbits are not eating well and sit in one corner for a long time. 

Why is My Rabbit Facing the Wall? The rabbits face the wall when they are in a sad or depressed mood due to loneliness and changes in environmental conditions. They also do this because of the common digestive discomforts due to poor eating behaviors. They also stare at the wall when they feel like listening to something new in their surroundings. This behavior is common in rabbits when they feel cold, have some teeth issues, and have sore hocks.

Most rabbits are friendly and pleasant nature animals; that’s why people keep them in their rooms on smooth floors. They share a strong bond with their caregivers and other rabbits, and changing these conditions will make them unhappy.

The problem in the digestive system

Rabbits require adequate digestive enzymes for their proper growth and digestion of hay.

If there is some disturbance in their system, they are uncomfortable and feel pain due to this issue. Stasis is one of the common digestive problems that has been seen in these animals.

It involves discomfort with an accumulation of gas, and it is also a painful situation for them. This problem will occur due to inadequate serving sizes of pellets.

The discomfort will also occur due to an inadequate supply of fiber and freshwater. 

You should prevent this situation by feeding them the proper serving of hay, pellets, fresh vegetables, and water.

You should also make them healthy by giving them food according to their requirement.

Feeling cold 

These are warm-blooded animals, and they are more susceptible to changes in temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them away from sunlight for their survival for a long time.

Keeping their cages inside will make them more vulnerable to cold environmental conditions during extreme winter.

The extreme cold weather conditions will cause runny nose, eyes, and sneezing in rabbits. This situation will make them more uncomfortable, and they start to look at one side of the wall.

This situation commonly occurs in winter days and during the season when their furs start to shed. The runny nose and sniffles can also happen due to some bacterial infection from the place they are living in.

Exposure to these bacteria can affect their respiratory tract and cause issues. You should keep their cages neat, clean, and away from dust to prevent the attack of infectious bacteria.

Inflammation of feet

Many people complain that their bunnies face the wall every time and cannot eat enough hay or pellets according to their requirements.

The common reason besides this many people have small gardens in their home, and they open the cages of their animals there dung specific time to keep them active.

The grass residues and hard fence can cause sore hocks in them, which is very painful and increase their discomfort level.

The sores are also common when they live in the garden, and the floors are not smooth.

Sometimes, bunnies also run on wired floors, increasing the soreness and hurting them. If the garden has bushes and hard floors, it will also cause sore aches when they dig the holes.

Moreover, sore hocks are also prominent in obese and have arthritis conditions due to their more weight.

You should prevent these aches by taking them to the veterinarian for proper and timely treatment. It will also solve this problem when you keep them indoors and soft floor.

If you keep them in small gardens, they should be clean, free from bushes, and have smooth grass.

Teeth issues

Teeth issues are also common in these animals; their teeth are growing and sometimes overgrown. In addition, their teeth start to grow is very uncomfortable for them due to their pain.

They don’t want to remain active and play in the grass in this period. So the animals need special care and affection at this time.

This condition will also cause mouth sores due to overgrown teeth. Due to these mouth sores, they are not able to eat properly.

My rabbits love to eat hay all the time in a day, and when their teeth are fully grown.

They will sit in a hunched position due to this uncomfortable situation. You can prevent this situation by giving hard toys to chew.

The chewing of hard toys will help trim their teeth and give them a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.

Rabbit feeling sleepy

Every animal has a proper sleep cycle when they get tired all day. The sleep cycle of bunnies is also essential because they have more physically active during the day.

After this physical activity, they need comfortable sleep for some hours. So they will sleep for some time while opening their eyes.

When you see them staring at the wall, you can recognize that they are sleeping and not ill or hurt. The standard sleeping time for these animals is about 4 to 8 hours.

Moreover, they sleep during day time and don’t sleep at night. Sleeping during the daytime is expected because they don’t need darkness for rest.

They keep their eyes open to see people and the surroundings near them. Therefore, you should provide them with the proper sleeping environment and smooth floors for their rest.

You should not feel ill or depressed; they are just sleeping.

In fear

The rabbits fear when they are continuously staring at the wall during daytime and when the light is ON.

They will show their fear by keeping them at one side with a wall or a corner while downing their heads.

The common fear of these animals is maybe some other animals, birds, or strange sounds. These noises also increase stress and change their eating habit.

The fear also increases in them because of the uneven smell in their surroundings and many people think that rabbits can see ghosts. In addition, the smell of different vegetables and fruits in the gardens also increases their fear.

Depressed or sad

The rabbit also becomes sad and depressed when they see the uneven things in their environment that is different from their routine.

They will also become sad and sit in the corner while staring at the wall when they feel lonely and sad. I have seen my rabbit flicking its front paws when he is alone.

They will also feel lonely and sad because they can search for companionship. The reason for sad feelings is the environment’s stress and eating habits.

The food consumption pattern changes that when they don’t find the right and desirable things to eat, they become depressed due to hunger.

It is necessary to keep them in a good environment according to their requirements to play and do physical activity efficiently.

You should also fulfill their eating needs according to their desire.

Rabbit Feeling Weak

They will also feel weak and lethargic during the season when their furs start to shed. The weakness will also come when they don’t find enough food according to their body weight.

The digestive system and gut also play an essential role in the digestion of hay. Therefore, when there is any problem in the digestive system and bunnies will not properly eat the pellets.

Improper eating can make them lazy, and they sit at one side with the wall and starts looking at one corner.

The weakness also comes from their overgrown teeth, which can irritate eating. You should properly check them if they feel any digestive discomfort and take them to a good veterinarian for their health improvement.

See something new

Rabbits are animals that respond differently due to changes in environmental conditions. For example, when they see something new where they live, they start to see one side of the wall.

The staring shows that this thing is disturbing them and causing unpleasant living conditions. Adding something new can be new furniture, birds, or new fruits or vegetables in gardens.

This condition is also common when you change their cage, and it is difficult for them to adjust to the new place.

Needs care

These animals have soft fur on their body, and people love to keep them in their houses and backyards due to their beautiful looks.

Sometimes they are in fear and lonely environment, and in this situation, they sit at one corner in a sad mood.

At this time, they need affection and care of people, which they have been missing for a long time. Therefore, whenever you see that they are not eating correctly and sitting at one side, you should treat them with love to tackle this situation.


They also become tired when they play all day with their rabbit friends. The reason for tiredness is that sometimes they are in a good mood and want to play and do physical activity during the whole day.

In this situation, they are continuously running from one side to the other. Animal also use toys like balls to play in the garden.

When they become tired, they sit with the wall and stare at them for sleeping. 

Antisocial mood

Sometimes they are in an antisocial mood because many people keep them in the cage all the time. They feel insecure in the outer environment because they are prey animals.

They also become antisocial due to physical illnesses or pain. This nature can be due to the addition of new birds and animals in your home garden which they don’t want to face.

It is better to keep them at open places in your home, like a small garden or backyard.