Why Is My Electric Lawn Mower Not Cutting Grass?

An electric lawn mower uses the power supply from the electricity source or the batteries to run the motor. The motor-generated power is used to run the blades for grass cutting. Sometimes, they stop functioning and do not cut the grass properly.

Why Is My Electric Lawn Mower Not Cutting Grass? Electric lawn mower not cutting grass can be due to blade issues, low battery, tripped thermal overload protection, insufficient power supply, faulty motor, damaged button, electric wiring issues, and a clogged cutting deck.

In addition, a faulty lawn mower can give uneven cuts to grass, which ruins the appearance of your garden. The incorrect grass cutting gives an awkward appearance to your ground because of the irregular shape of the grass.

Causes Solutions
Blade issue Sharpen or replace the blades
Faulty button Avoid pressing the button forcefully
Low battery Recharge batteries
Tripped thermal overload protection Place the lawn mower in breezy location
Faulty motor Take short brakes while using a lawn mower
Damaged drive belt Lubricate or replace the drive-belt
Electric issues Check the electric outlets and wires
Damaged tires Properly inflate the tires and keep them at the same height
Clogged cutting deck Remove the debris from the cutting deck

Blade issues

Electric lawn mowers contain blades made of steel and metal material. These blades take power from the electric motors to cut the grass. Sometimes, they become faulty and do not cut the grass properly.

These are made of metal material, and rust can come on them easily because of wet ground surfaces. Corrosion on these steel blades makes them dull and decreases their working efficiency.

In addition, these also become dull when you do not sharpen them for longer. These do not function properly when you do not set them at the appropriate height.

The alignment of blades also matters a lot for their proper functioning. These do not function when they are not installed correctly. Sometimes, the bolts of these blades also become loose and disturb their alignment.

The alignment also becomes poor when they come in contact with hard ground surfaces, including small rocks and pebbles. Hitting the hard surfaces also damages the blades and causes them to bend.

You cannot repair bent blades because they are made of steel or metal material. It is necessary to check their sharpness and sharpen them with the filer.

Avoid moving the lawn mower on wet grasses because it increases the risk of corrosion on metal blades.

Moreover, you can replace the damaged and bent blade with a new one and add the new washers and bolts for better functioning.

Faulty button

The electric lawn mower also contains a button to start and stop the motor.

The location and design of the button also vary depending on the lawn mowers’ specific model and manufacturing company.

These devices stop functioning because of faulty and damaged buttons. Blades cannot cut the grass properly when they do not get sufficient power from the motor.

The button becomes faulty when you press them hard and frequently. These buttons also get damaged because of their age and prolonged usage.

Avoid pressing the buttons forcefully because it can cause them to get stuck and irresponsive. Store the electric lawn mower in shady places so moisture during the rainy season cannot damage their electric components, including buttons.

Low battery

Electric lawn mower contains small batteries for their functioning. These batteries supply the power to the motor for blade functioning and grass cutting.

These contain lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, depending on their specific model and manufacturing brand.

Low battery power affects the spinning efficiency of the blades and rough cutting. Blades cannot trim the grass properly when they do not get sufficient power from the motors.

In addition, the issue also comes when batteries become dead and weak because of their prolonged and frequent use. These rechargeable batteries can run for 50 to 60 minutes after charging.

The charging time also varies depending upon the size and model of the battery and grass size. It is necessary to properly charge the batteries when you are planning to maintain your garden.

However, you have to replace the batteries if these become completely dead and do not hold a charge.

Tripped thermal overload protection

Thermal overload protection is a unique feature in electric lawn mowers and other electric devices. It protects the motor from overheating and damage because of excessive heat production.

The thermal overload protection system detects the motor’s temperature and contains the sensors and compressors. The thermal switch deactivates the motor if the temperature exceeds the threshold.

Sometimes, these devices stop cutting the grass because of the tripping of thermal overload protection. The switch can trip when you move the mowers on thick grasses during high temperatures.

In addition, the issue also comes because of resistance on the ground surfaces and hitting the rocks and other obstacles. Stop the lawn mower and place them in your yard in a breezy and shady location.

Avoid using it for about 40 to 50 minutes, and turn on the fans to cool down their parts.

Faulty motor

Motors are an integral part of electric lawnmowers because these allow the spinning of the blade. Sometimes, the motors and their internal components become faulty and hinder the working efficiency of the blades.

Motors become faulty when you use these devices for extended periods without breaks. Overheating can damage their internal components.

In addition, the risk of premature wear and tear increases because of their heavy use. The load on the motor and its components increases when you use them to cut thick, tall, and rough grass.

Moreover, accumulation of debris and poor ventilation also cause overheating. It is also necessary to properly maintain the motor and prevent them from water exposure.

I always take short breaks while using them because I have a large garden. Stop using them if you hear excessive noise and vibrations from them.

Damaged drive belt

The drive belt is the component of the electric motor, and it transfers the power from the motor to the blade. The electric lawn mower cannot cut the grass properly because of damaged and worn-out drive belts, which affect the blades’ spinning.

Overheating and excessive use can lead to damage to drive belts. In addition, the risk of wear and tear increases because of poor lubrication of these drive-belts.

I always lubricate the drive belts after 2 to 3 minutes, depending on their usage frequency. However, replacing the damaged drive belts with new ones is necessary.

Electric issues

Electric lawn mower uses electricity to supply power to motors. You have to connect the power cords to the outlets in the nearby location.

The motor gets power from the electric source and runs the blades. Sometimes, they stop functioning and do not cut the grass properly because of insufficient power supply from the electric outlets.

In addition, these also stop functioning because of damaged power cords and their insulation layer. Rodents can enter these devices and chew the wires.

It is necessary to check the power supply from the electric outlets and check your home’s circuit breaker. Replace the damaged power cords with new ones because it can also lead to short circuits.

Damaged tires

Electric lawn mowers contain tires like your vehicles to move on the ground surfaces. The faulty and damaged tires lead to incorrect and uneven cutting of grass.

The blades of these devices cannot make proper contact with the ground surface because of misaligned tires, and as a result, they do not cut the grass. The issue comes when air pressure is less, and these are not correctly inflated.

The uneven air pressure in tires leads to poor contact with the ground surface and unbalancing. In addition, the unbalancing issue also comes when all tires are not adjusted at the same height.

The sharp objects in your garden can also damage the tires. It is necessary to check the air pressure in the tires while maintaining your yard.

Inflate the tires according to the manual’s instructions. Moreover, adjust all the tires at the same height so they can make the proper contact with ground surfaces.

Clogged cutting deck

The deck is the main outer body of the lawn mower, and it covers the blades and motor of these devices. The cutting deck collects debris and grass clipping during cutting, allowing better airflow.

These get clogged and do not allow airflow, which is necessary for grass cutting. The working efficiency of electric lawn mower blades also decreases because of the clogged deck and poor airflow, and you cannot cut the grass.

Clogging of decks mainly occurs when there are a lot of leaf clutters in your yard. In addition, the issue also comes when you move the lawn mower on dry surfaces.

People often forget to clean them after use, which can cause issues when you reuse them. I always prefer to clean the deck and remove the debris from them after completing the garden maintenance procedure.

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