Why Does my Rabbit Poop all over her Cage?

Many people complain that their rabbits poop all over their cages. Bunnies are friendly pets, but you have to train them properly.

Why Does my Rabbit Poop all over her Cage? Your rabbit can poop all over her cage because of digestive issues like diarrhea or hormonal changes. In addition, it can be due to poor litter training or training them at a very young age. Furthermore, using a dirty or a small litter box for your rabbit may cause them to poop on the cage.

Whenever you plan to keep rabbits, ensure that they have proper training, although there may come a time when they start pooping all over their cage. 

Digestive Problems

These are popular pets because of their calm, playful, affectionate, and lovable nature; they also make excellent house pets as they are quiet and clean. 

If they are pooping everywhere except in the litter box, you should not panic as it may be because of digestive issues such as diarrhea, which can cause bunnies to poop more frequently. 

Diarrhea occurs once in every rabbit, and if you do not take preventive measures, they may die because of diarrhea.

Similarly, when your pet is sick and suffering from bladder stones or urinary tract infections, it will not poop in the specific place.

You should take care of your pet and feed him a healthy diet to prevent this condition; you can increase the quantity of fiber while decreasing the number of carbohydrates in its diet.

New Territory

When you put two or more bunnies together in a cage, the stronger one poops all over the cage, showing that it owns the cage and this is his territory.

Similarly, if you transfer your bunny from an old cage to a new one, it becomes upset and quits pooping in the litter box. 

You should avoid putting two bunnies together, but if you do not have enough money to buy a new cage for your pet, you can make a partition.

You can use a strong plastic sheet or a wooden block as a partition, and you should fix it so that it stays at its position and does not move.

Young Age 

If you do not have any pets and want to adopt them as a pet, then you should not buy a young rabbit as it is hard to train them.

They do not have proper sense, and if you train them to poop in the box, it will be a waste of time as they will not listen to you.

You should buy a pet that is either already trained or old enough to listen to you, and you can easily train it.

The average age of litter training of rabbits is around 4 to 5 months; if the bunny is one year old, it will understand you correctly.

Hormonal Problems

Most owners are unaware of the hormonal changes in female and male bunnies.

Hormones are chemical compounds that the glands produce in one part of the body, and then they travel through the bloodstream to another part of the body, where they control certain activities. 

Due to these hormonal changes, your rabbit starts to drop its poop everywhere around its territorial space and keeps doing it for some time. Some people say, that these animals do strange things as bunnies can also see ghosts.

Whenever you go to the pet shop to buy them, you should ask the shopkeeper whether they have neutered the rabbit or not.

A neutered one will have fewer hormonal changes than the one which is not neutered, and hence it will not cause problems for you in the future.

You should contact your veterinary doctor as soon as possible to neuter your bunny; it will decrease the urge to poop everywhere in the cage, but neutering cannot completely eradicate the issue. 

The Strange Smell of The Litter Box

A litter box is an essential accessory in your garden; if you have a bunny, make sure that your pet stays healthy.

There are two main types covered and uncovered; covered products provide privacy for your bunny while using the restroom and keep the odor trapped inside, while the other one does not have the luxury of a lid.

The strange smell of the box may annoy your pet, and they may stop using it; that is why you should keep it clean.

You can put latex gloves on your hand and clean it with the help of a special detergent, and after that, you can spray it with perfume.

If you have a pair of rabbits sharing a home, you will need to ensure that their living space is well-equipped for some serious cleanup work.

On the other hand, if you do not want to clean it yourself, you can contact a pet company and ask professional workers to do it for you.

Sometimes, you can see a rabbit sleeping in his litter box.

Incorrect Size of Litter Box

When selecting a litter box, you want to ensure that it fits its lifestyle and needs as there are tons of options on the market, but only a few are durable.

You should also ensure that the size of the box is big enough so that your pet can easily sit in it; otherwise, it will not poop in it.

When your bunny is in its growing age, it can outgrow the size of its litter box; so you have to select a new box.

Using one litter box for multiple rabbits

Whenever you select a litter box, make sure that you buy one specific for one rabbit, you should not use the same box for two or more pets.

Like their cage, they do not like to share their litter box with other pets, and they want to use it when no one is watching them.

You should fix a particular space for them, and whenever they want to poop, they can quickly go to the allotted space.

Ensure that no other pet comes in that particular space, and there should be no disturbance in that area.

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