Why Do Pigeons Poop So Much?

The pooping frequency of pigeons varies and depends on their size, nature of their diet, and health. 

Why Do Pigeons Poop So Much? Pigeons poop so much because of frequent eating habits and their increased body size. They have to make space for the next meal in their stomach due to their fast metabolism. A healthy pigeon excretes highly acidic droppings around 8 to 12 times daily.

They hugely excrete their uric acid containing dropping in the morning, which is white paste-like in texture. 

Reasons why pigeons poop a lot

To reduce body weight

Pigeons need to excrete their stool every time before flying because it makes them lighter in weight. It helps them to take off and fly quickly with lighter bodies. 

They feel difficulty flying if they take off with a full stomach and heavy body. 

Frequent eating habits

People love to feed them because of their loving nature. They frequently offer them plenty of food wherever they find them.

They do not create much mess in a place, so people give them their favorite food like nuts, seeds, or vegetables in excess amount. 

They also love consuming liquid diets like berries or nectar-based diets, which is a significant cause of their frequent pooping.  

Increased body size

Large body size is another main factor for their increased pooping. If a pigeon is of a smaller size, it needs less energy to expand because they have a smaller wingspan. 

The wingspan is the distance from the tip of one feather to the other. A pigeon needs more energy to open up its large feathers for efficient flight in the sky. 

So a larger pigeon eats more food to perform its functions effectively compared to smaller ones. They defecate a lot anywhere as a result of this excessive eating. 

Make space for the next meal

Pigeons are herbivores, but they can also eat other things like insects. They eat a lot wherever they find any edible thing, whether they are inside the home or outside.

They are opportunistic eaters and do not let any eatable thing left uneaten. They quickly eat and do not leave food resources to use by other birds or animals.

But it is essential to describe that they do not have a big stomach to store the excess food, so they have to empty their stomach to eat the next meal. 

So they poop a lot to ensure their digestive tract has space for the next meal. The food will not digest properly and causes many problems if they do not make space in this for further food. 

Fast metabolism

 It is the main cause of their excessive pooping because they use high energy to perform their functions, especially flying. So when the metabolic rate of your pigeon is high, it makes them use the energy at higher rates. 

They eat continuously and excrete the stool as early as possible because they cannot control it. Therefore, their digestion starts as soon as they finish eating anything. 

They do not have an anal sphincter which makes them unable to hold the dropping and to do this after some time. It is not their fault if they defecate on you because they do not do this intentionally. 

Disturbed stomach

Sometimes they become sick and lose the ability to digest the food properly. They can get some infections which become the cause of severe diarrhea. Their excessive feeding becomes harmful for them if they are not eating good food. 

Their digestion process affects badly if they eat any unhealthy or rotten food. Coccidiosis is a deadly infection that originates from feral pigeons. It infects due to a Coccidia parasite and results in watery and unusual frequent poop. 

This parasite affects baby pigeons more because their immunity is not as strong as the adults. You can also see the blood in their dropping as a complication of this infection. 

When do pigeons poop so much?

A healthy pigeon defecates about 8 to 12 times a day according to its size and weight, ranging from every 10 to 45 minutes in a day. If a pigeon has a liquid-based diet, its pooping frequency becomes higher.

 Similarly, a solid-based diet makes them defecate after a large gap between the next meal. This frequency also increases if they are eating the food continuously without any gap. 

Many people ask why they do not excrete the stool at night and do this repeatedly in the morning.

 They do not poop at night because they do not want to show their presence to their predators.

They do not have any strong self-defense mechanisms to help fight against their predators and only have an option to fly in case of attack.

What does pigeon poop contain?

Pigeons do not pass urine out of their body; instead, they excrete a semi-solid whitish paste, their nitrogenous waste.

Therefore, they do not excrete urea as a breakdown of a protein diet. Instead, they pass uric acid out of their body, making them highly acidic.

You can use this as fertilizer to increase productivity in your small garden because it contains a high amount of phosphorus and other nutrients essential for plant growth.

People have been using it as a fertilizer to nourish their gardens since before the development of modern fertilizers.

Pigeons defecate at the same time and mainly in the same place. But they can poop anywhere and don’t need to pass the stool to the same place where they eat. 

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