Why Do Pigeons Explode When They Eat Rice?

Many people prefer to feed grains to pigeons as they like to eat small food particles, but they avoid adding rice to their feed due to fear of explosion.

Why Do Pigeons Explode When They Eat Rice? Pigeons explode when they eat rice is a myth because they cannot explode after eating cooked or uncooked rice. It has a good water absorbance capacity that can increase the size up to three times, leading to the misbelief that it can swell and tear their stomachs. However, these grains need boiling temperature and appropriate time for increasing size, which is impossible because their stomach stores grains for a short time. 

It is a common belief that rice is harmful to birds, including pigeons, as their stomach can swell after consumption of water

However, it is a misconception as it needs time to swell, which is not provided in their stomach ideally.

Is it harmful to pigeons to eat rice?

It is a good source of carbohydrates in a cooked or raw form that provides an excellent nutritional value to their diet.

They are beneficial for pigeons’ health as they can overcome the deficiency of carbohydrates in their bodies by eating a few grains.

Moreover, it is not harmful to pigeons until they consume it in a moderate quantity, as an excess of everything is bad for every organism.

In addition, you can add a small quantity of these grains to their diet by mixing them with other grains as it has no negative impact on their health.

It needs to be consumed in the desired quantity for a positive effect on health; otherwise, it can lead to stomach issues because they are dry and hard in texture.

So, it is better to feed birds with an ideal amount of grains, including white or brown, as both have good nutritional value.

What makes pigeons explode when they eat rice?

It has been a common myth for a long time that pigeons can explode and die after eating rice.

This misconception has been revolving among people and misleading pet owners as they have removed rice from the list of food items that are good for these birds.

It was believed that they have a good water absorbance capacity as they can increase from 2 to 3 times their actual size after absorbing water.

Accordingly, they have to drink more water because these grains are dry and need water to swallow down their throat.

Therefore, the uncooked grains can increase in size when they are present in the stomach leading to stomach swelling.

This way, the stomachs can burst due to the large size of grains and make them explode.

However, there is nothing close to reality because these birds cannot hold food for more than a few hours as they have to defecate frequently to keep their bodies lighter and to eat their next meal.

In addition, these grains need a particular temperature and appropriate time for better water absorbance as they cannot quickly absorb moisture at room temperature.

It can only expand in size when the external temperature is hot enough to make them absorb, like a boiling temperature of the water is achieved to boil them.

So, it is not technically possible for pigeons to eat it and explode due to the tearing of the stomach, as its increased size puts pressure on the stomach wall and makes them burst quickly.

Is it safe for pigeons to eat cooked rice?

The church legends have adopted the misconception about the explosion of pigeons after consumption of uncooked food as they are fed up with cleaning efforts.

It is considered a wedding ritual to throw rice at the married couple, and cleaning the grains from the floor takes a lot of time.

It was announced at that time that these grains are not safe for birds or flocks as they can upset their stomach or even lead to death; that’s why it is better to avoid throwing rice.

Many people have taken it seriously and avoid offering uncooked grains as they have the potential to absorb water and disturb the digestive system.

Moreover, the uncooked form was considered safe for these birds as they had already absorbed enough water and released starch into boiling water.

Do not add salt to boiling water because it is toxic and disturbs the electrolyte level in the body. In addition, it can lead to dehydration in the birds, and their bodies become deficient in water.

Do pigeons explode when they eat baking soda?

There is a risk of stomach explosion in the pigeons when they have mistakenly consumed baking soda when roaming around the house is another myth revolving among people.

The primary ingredient in baking soda is calcium carbide, responsible for birds’ explosions as this chemical is toxic to their gut.

This chemical is widely used in baking food items and in every house, in addition to its use in acetylene gas and lamps.

In addition, magnesium silicide is also toxic and harmful to these birds commonly used in producing alloys.

The birds can easily get access to alloys, acetylene gases, and carbide lamps that make them consume these toxic chemicals.

The baking soda explodes at almost 185 to 188 degrees Fahrenheit as it produces gas, and this rapid expansion of gas in the gut of birds can cause an explosion.

Birds can’t attain such high temperatures in their guts, so there is no possibility of the explosion of baking soda.

Are pigeons attracted to rice?

It provides a carbohydrate-rich food source that the pigeons prefer for consumption. However, they love to eat grains and are considered pests of these grains, also known for stealing them.

Moreover, it is a good source of carbohydrates that helps decrease the fat in birds and reduce their weight.

The racing pigeons need more carbs compared to other domestic ones as they need the energy to fly fast. In addition, their bodies require more energy than domestic birds as they have to participate in races.

Furthermore, they do not need a protein-rich diet like babies, as fats and carbs provide enough energy to fly for long distances.

How often can pigeons eat rice?

It is essential to know about its ideal quantity by understanding each grain’s carbohydrate content, which helps estimate the required amount.

You can give a cooked form of white or brown rice to the pet pigeons once a day for up to one week and then try to skip in on each alternative day.

It helps maintain the nutrition when you replace these grains with another food type.

In addition, it is better to give only the cooked form of these grains to baby birds as they cannot swallow uncooked grains efficiently like adult birds.

Furthermore, you have to avoid offering cooked food to baby pigeons for the first 15 to 20 days of their birth as they need a variety of food, particularly protein-rich food that helps in growth.

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