Why Do Pigeons Drink Water?

Every bird, animal, and human need water to survive for a long time as their body processes are dependent on it. Moreover, it is our responsibility to provide a clean water source for these pigeons. which rely on humans.

Why Do Pigeons Drink Water? Pigeons drink water to clean their bodies from the toxic wastes and to soften the food for easier swallowing. Moreover, it helps in food digestion, respiration and to overcome fatigue. In addition, they have to drink when feeling exhausted after a long flight. The female pigeons need more water when they lay eggs.

Furthermore, change the pots regularly or wash them to avoid the accumulation of germs in them.

The dirty water can make them ill, so clean the pots often and maintain temperature as birds cannot drink the warm liquid in hot weather.

What Causes Pigeons to Drink Water? 

Water plays a crucial in the life of birds, animals, and humans to perform the daily life body processes.

In the same way, they need this to maintain their ideal level in the body and to live a healthy life.

Detoxification of bodies

Birds produce waste compounds in their bodies like humans and need water to excrete out of their bodies. In addition, it helps remove toxic elements from their bodies to keep them healthy.

When the birds drink more, they can flush out toxins from their bodies. This internal cleansing of the body revives the energy and refreshes them.

Soften the food

It helps to soften the food that is hard to swallow. For example, it is difficult to chew the seeds for birds, so they drink to make them wet.

Many birds use liquids to wet the food particles before feeding their babies. You can get amazed by looking at the bird dipping food in the liquids, but they do this purposefully.

Overcome dehydration

The high temperature of the environment can make them feel dehydrated. So, they fly towards the open sources like ponds to consume enough quantity to rehydrate their bodies.

A hot environment can affect their lives badly, or they can die due to lesser fluid content in their bodies.

The body cells can die or dry up when they do not get enough water as the cells contain a large quantity of it inside them.

Overcome fatigue 

The birds must maintain a body fluid level to keep themselves healthy and overcome fatigue problems.

They have to suffer from a deficiency of nutrients that are available in liquid, which makes them feel fatigued. So they drink to overcome such health problems and remain fresh and lively.

Food digestion

Wet or soupy food is easy to digest as it decreases the time and effort of the stomach to break the complex particles into smaller ones.

It helps birds to flush their food easily into the gullet. It can save your pet from gastrointestinal issues and improves their lifestyle accordingly.

Replace lost fluid

The process of respiration and excretion removes a large volume of fluid from their bodies. They release some portion of liquid in the droppings.

They respire more when they feel exhausted after flying high in the air for a long time. It is just like exhaustion due to exercise in humans that makes them breathe more than normal.

Egg production

Female pigeons cannot survive without water and require more than a normal bird when laying eggs. It needs more moisture content because a large percentage of it is used to create an egg.

Furthermore, its egg albumin contains almost 95% to 97% of water. This quantity varies in each type of bird egg, but they all need it to produce and hatch eggs.

How do pigeons drink water?

They use their beak to suck from the ponds and streams and throw it back into their throat. Some of the birds tilt their head. 

They go to the streams and move their heads to submerge their beaks into the water easily. Then, they use a suction method to suck it with the beaks that act as straws.

This way, they send the liquid back to their throat when it gets filled. Then, it flows down smoothly without needing to look at the sky.

These birds lack lips and cheeks, so they are not efficient in lapping and holding the liquid in their mouth.

In addition, they can drink continuously as they don’t have to swallow it after every sip.

Their way of drinking is a little bit strange because all other birds cannot suck and pull up their heads to pass it down the throat.

What type of water is not suitable for pigeons to drink?

You cannot give all types of water for the pigeons as it can lead to severe complications and cause digestion problems.

They cannot drink flavored liquids as it does not suit their drinking habits and stomach. In addition, the presence of colorants or flavors in it and the distilled water can affect their lifestyle.

Pure water has no minerals and does not help fulfill its nutritional requirement. Furthermore, sugary liquid can make them ill and affect their health badly.

Giving them tap or rainwater is better if you are conscious of their wellbeing.

Additionally, you can add nutritional supplements to their pots to provide them with some healthy nutrients in a natural way.

However, it is essential to ask a professional person dealing with these birds to know whether these supplements are good or not.

Do pigeons drink more water than mammals?

The birds have no sweat glands that remove excess bodily fluids during hot weather. As a result, it affects their drinking habit, and they consume less liquids than mammals.

Mammals have sweat glands that release liquid content in the form of sweat, so they have to consume it to meet their body requirements.

They lose a major body fluid content through evaporation and respiration, so they have to balance an ideal level of almost 70% to 75%.

What sources do pigeons use to drink water?

They usually use rivers and streams as sources present in the open areas. However, pet birds are dependent on the sources that humans provide.

They sit on the trees to drink from the rainwater droplets present on the leaves. In addition, they fulfill their requirement through food containing a small amount of liquid in it.

Many birds do not drink directly through streams and ponds and depend only on food. However, pigeons drink 2 to 3 times a day to maintain the fluid level in their bodies.

How long can a pigeon go without drinking water?

Maintaining a constant source for the pigeons is essential as these birds cannot survive without it for a long time.

Young birds have lower strength to tolerate dehydration and die quickly. However, the bigger ones can tolerate the stress of liquids deficiency for almost 2 to 3 days.

Furthermore, the temperature of the external environment directly impacts their tolerance limit. So they have to drink to meet the heat stress when the weather is extremely hot.

Do pigeons drink water at night?

They enjoy their sleep at night and do not drink during sleep. 

Some people use artificial lights to keep them awake all night, so there is a possibility that they eat and drink in their cage.

However, the sleeping birds do not wake up mainly to drink at midnight when there is dark all around.

Therefore, it is better to put it bowl in the cage so that they can drink according to their requirement.

How much water does a pigeon drink in a day? 

 The frequency and quantity of drinking water depend on their age and weight and the environmental conditions. They need fluids for the normal functioning of the body processes.

Their babies cannot bear the liquid deficiency and drink more than the adult birds. As a result, they consume wet food for easier swallowing.

Furthermore, an adult pigeon needs almost 40 ml to 50 ml of water in a single day to survive. It can vary due to changes in weather conditions and diet or when they are having babies.

Moreover, a bird with more than 400g of body weight needs 30 ml to 40 ml daily to survive.

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