Why are Pigeons Fighting in my Garden?

Pigeons are human-friendly and adjust quickly in gardens and backyards. Sometimes, they fight with each other for various reasons.

Why are Pigeons Fighting in my Garden? The main reason pigeons fight is that they do not want any other bird around their nest. They want to mark their territory and make themselves dominant. In addition, they become aggressive in egg-laying season and start fighting with other pigeons.

I have seen pigeons fighting in my Garden almost every day when I wake up. First, I found it very annoying, but now I know it is their normal routine.

Insufficient space

Pigeons need their personal space; they do not feel comfortable sharing their space with any other pigeon. The problems occur when pigeons do not find proper space in the nest.

They begin to fight, and the dominating one wins to remove the weakest one from the house.

There are 2 pigeon nests in my garden, and a few days, another wild pigeon arrived, and it did not go well with the birds.

Lack of Food

Pigeons eat everything cooked or uncooked, fresh, raw. I always place food for them under the tree to get it without any difficulty.

When there are more birds than usual, they start fighting and snatch food from each other’s beaks. 

Pigeons fight in Egg Laying Season

Like other birds, pigeons also become more possessive in the egg-laying season. They do not tolerate any other birds around their nest at this time.

And if they find anyone around, they start fighting until the unknown pigeon moves from the place. This is natural, and you should not worry about this.

The female pigeon became very aggressive when she laid eggs; she did not allow any male other than the partner to come close to a nest.

She takes care of her eggs until the babies come out of the eggs. When babies are newly born, the male pigeon brings food, and the female takes care of her young ones. 

In Winter Season

A change in weather affects every living thing; it alters the routine and lifestyle. They can tolerate cold weather easily unless the weather becomes harsh for them.

They are good at handling initial winters, but it varies in different species. The problem occurs when winters are at their peak and pigeons immediately need a proper place to generate their body heat.

They become aggressive when they do not find a comfortable place in winter. It is easy for them to shift on another tree in summers, but they find it difficult in winters. It leads to a fight where one needs to leave the space, and only the winner gets the place.

To Mark their Dominance

Pigeons want to mark their dominance among other family members. These birds fight for their shelter to maintain their living standard and show their power.

They do not allow anyone from them to settle around their territory. They want to portray themselves as the boss of their area, so this reaction is the need for their safety. 

Possessive about their Mate

These do not accept if the other one of their family tries to snatch their mate.

So they become possessive about their mate and fight for her safety. 

They don’t know each other

When pigeons are mating, they fight with their mate because they do not know each other.

This gap leads them to fight, although no one is hurt during this event. This is common, and you can call it an introduction.

Pigeons are sensitive in nature

Pigeons are sensitive; they do not tolerate leaving their house instantly. There come some seasons in which pigeons eat food and stay inside their nest.

Although they make their home comfortable on their own, if they see any other coming to take over, they take it as a challenge and they protect their shelter.

Pigeon nests are generally weak, and it takes a little effort from other birds to destroy them. Once they see some other bird approaching them, they will immediately attack them to keep their house safe.

Changes in weather

Various pigeons live in jungles known as Wild Pigeons, and they usually do not move towards the central city.

However, when the weather changes, it becomes difficult for them to stay in jungles, flying and shifting to cities. It makes domestic pigeons upset because they are living in a place already. 

They not only stay in tress, but they also find warm places around the house. Like warm roof ventilators, windows and rooftops.

They find a home and then adjust according to their needs and requirements. The only thing which makes them uncomfortable is the interference of other pigeons. 

In Rainy Days

Pigeons also fight on rainy days because the rain makes them irritating and challenging to fly.

They are searching for a warm place with easy access to food. In this situation, if anyone tries to take over their site, they start fighting.

Do pigeons fight with other birds?

Pigeons are non-aggressive bird that tries to coexist with other birds. They usually do not fight with other birds, but they can become aggressive for food, shelter, and nesting space.

Pigeons symbolize peace; this indicates that they are not fond of fighting. However, it is in their nature to protect their home.

Is this a normal behavior of pigeons?

Yes, fighting is normal for pigeons; in fact, we humans name it fighting in real it’s not like that.

Pigeons do not harm anyone; they fight by joining their heads and dragging each other to the opposite place. Sometimes, they are just playing or they do this to protect their nest.

Do pigeons fight to the death?

Usually, pigeons’ fight is not harmful, and domestic pigeons are friendly; they do not find fighting interesting. Compared to wild pigeons, they do not belong to the city and interact with domestic birds. 

When wild pigeons meet domestic ones, they do not accept their presence and domestic pigeons also do the same. As a results pigeons can die suddenly.

We cannot predict their behavior as we do not know which triggers their temper, and they fight each other to death. 

Dealing with them is always a new experience; we cannot tell who is aggressive enough to drag other birds to the end.

How do you stop pigeons from fighting?

 To stop pigeons from fighting becomes difficult sometimes because both are not trained, and we do not know how to stop them.

The first thing is that if you find any wild pigeons around your house that come to eat food with the domestic birds, try to feed them separately.

Try to divide food into different corners, so they do not interact with the domestic birds. Secondly, if you have birds and are willing to add more to the same cage, do not instantly put them in the cage. 

Start with the step-by-step introduction, when you keep them together.

Thirdly, if the domestic pigeons have laid eggs, try to cover these eggs so that no other pigeon gets access to the eggs. It will keep them safe from each other, and the eggs are safe and secure.

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