What Does Squirrel Urine Smell Like?

Squirrels produce urine due to the intake of water and liquid substances, which removes toxic matter from the body.

What Does Squirrel Urine Smell Like? Squirrel urine has a dark color and pungent smell because of ammonia concentration. It frequently urinates when traveling for 19 to 21 seconds, and they do this to mark their territory for mating purposes and remove toxins from their body. Its stain gives a chalky appearance on clothes and rusty brown color on the ground and walls.

They are present in the small gardens, and the stinky smell of the urine shows their presence which persists for a long time.

Many people do not like them because of their smell, and you can detect the entry of wild squirrels by the pungent smell of urine.

What does squirrel urine look like?

Squirrel urine color depends upon many factors, including diet, hydration, and age. Its color can change from yellow to dark brown.

Their diet affect its consistency and color and tells about the presence of any disease. Moreover, intake of solid food results in its high consistency.

When the diet contains more liquid, it does not dehydrate them, and the urine is of thin consistency. However, the color varies in the young ones as their system is not complex at this age.

The urine color becomes darker when the squirrel takes less fluid in its diet. The pee color is light yellow in the young, whereas adults have a darker color.

Moreover, the pee color changes if it is ill and taking some medication. 

What does squirrel pee smell like?

The smell of squirrel pee can vary according to the difference in age, habitat, and health conditions. It smells like ammonia, but it is not a pungent odor.

Moreover, its odor is long-lasting, and the smell is more like ammonia if they are dehydrating for a long time.

In baby squirrels, there is no smell in the pee, but in case of disease, it smells more intense.

In adults, the smell is more like cat urine because the concentration of ammonia is higher in dogs’ urine than the cat.

How often does a squirrel urinate?

Male members of this family urinate more than female members. These can pee in a short time of 19 to 21 seconds using the spray method of peeing.

Babies need stimulation to pee every 3 hours because of their small stomachs. Wild mothers lick their babies for stimulation, but you can use wet tissue.

It does not need stimulation to pee after 7 to 8 weeks when it grows completely.

Moreover, the peeing time can be short due to fear of attack by predators. They pass urine after every few minutes when they travel a long distance.

Why do squirrels urinate?

Living organisms require food to retain energy to perform various activities. The food digests after ingestion, and then there is an urge to pee and defecate.

They pee because they take in fluids and solid substances, which after digestion, appear in the form of urine and poop. They also poop when they walk.

To consume more food

These require more food due to challenging lifestyles; they need the energy to climb up the trees and move fast. They have to pee more often to make space for more food.

Moreover, these have a small stomach size which gets full by less food intake. Hence the liquid consumption makes the bladder full quickly, which increases the peeing frequency.

To remove toxins

They require to remove toxins from the body in the form of urination or defecation. It contains ammonia which is a toxin, and it also includes many viruses and bacteria.

Removal of toxins is necessary to keep them free of diseases, and they can feel lighter after peeing.

Furthermore, their bladder gets full in no time, and they do not feel comfortable in this situation, which removes all the harmful material.

To communicate

They pee to communicate with one another because it is a signal for them in many cases. It helps them use their sense of smell and follow the urine spots to reach their destination.

It is an example of the chemical signal, which is a source of communication between them.

To mark their territory

Males have a specific task to mark territory with their pee which keeps other invaders away from their area.

Moreover, males urinate after a short time or release scent glands to mark the territory, which helps females follow that path.

These travel along distance due to which it becomes necessary to mark the area which helps them to remember their territory.

Mating purpose 

Males frequently pee when traveling a long distance, making female squirrels follow that path.

After mating, they separate and do not form a family to raise the child. Mother gives birth and feeds her little ones.

What do squirrel urine stains look like?

The stain may vary from specie to specie because of its eating habits and the type of food. In addition, it gives a chalky appearance to the clothes.

Moreover, if you see some stains on the wall, it looks brown or rusty. You can identify it by its smell, which resembles a cat’s urine.

How to get rid of the squirrel’s urine smell?

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove moisture and stains from that area. However, if the stain persists, you can use liquid cleaners to overcome this issue.

Take a spray bottle, mix the bleaching agent with water, and spray on the surface, which helps remove these stains.

Mixing vinegar with water and spraying it on the affected area can fix the issue. Moreover, you can use disinfectants to avoid contamination from bacteria and viruses in your house.

Is squirrel urine harmful to humans?

It contains many toxins and chemicals that are harmful to human beings. You can keep them as pets, but it needs care while handling them.

Be careful while cleaning the affected area, and do not directly contact the urine. Use gloves to keep your skin safe from the microbes present in it.

Many small creatures invade the human body and cause serious illness, but it is not lethal.

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