Is Cutter Backyard Spray Safe for Plants?

Cutter backyard spray is an insect repellent that helps keep insects away from plants by giving off a particular smell that these bugs do not like.

These pests damage the plants at a high ratio leading to half-eaten leaves and damaged roots and stems.

Is Cutter Backyard Spray Safe for Plants? Cutter backyard spray is safe for plants because it is a ready-to-use product and does not involve mixing harmful materials together, spilling chemicals on the body, and affecting the skin. Moreover, it contains natural ingredients like cinnamon or peppermint oil which protects the plants by repelling all the crawling and flying insects. Furthermore, it is only toxic for the bugs but safe for plants and even pets. Finally, it has good packaging that secures the material inside and releases them through the nozzle carefully. 

It is essential to protect the plants by the targeted killing of insects after using an effective chemical solution that wipes off their population for an extended time.

A query arises among the users about the efficacy and safety of the Cutter backyard spray. In addition, many people show their concerns about the toxicity of chemicals for plants, which kill the pests.

What is a Cutter Backyard Spray?

Cutter backyard spray act as an insect repellent that keeps almost all types of insects away from your lawn.

The main active component in the spray is Lambda-Cyhalothrin, which acts on small to large size organisms and kills them immediately.

Furthermore, it is a highly effective product that can seize mosquitoes, fleas, and all other leaf-eating and stem damaging insects like caterpillars, crickets, ants, and other bugs.

You do not have to use the product frequently as it can last for 3 to 4 months. A single plastic bottle of 30 to 32 fl oz is enough to be sprayed on almost 3500 to 5000 square feet of lawn.

Moreover, it is not only safe, but it does not affect your pets and children when you use it carefully.

However, it is better to avoid its application during rain because it is harmful to aquatic animals.

How is cutter backyard spray safe for plants?

Cutter backyard spray is safe due to its ingredients, easier application, and fine packaging that avoids direct contact with the skin.

Natural formulation

There are no safety issues with using this spray on plants because it contains natural ingredients in the formulation.

This solution contains peppermint oil that can efficiently repel insects like a spider, aphids, moths, etc.

It creates an offensive smell that irritates a lot of insects, so they fly away from a particular area. Many people use peppermint oil on the countertops of kitchens to repel insects.

Moreover, it contains cinnamon and corn mint oil, which effectively kill multiple types of insects, including the flying and crawling ones.

Convenient spraying

The backyard spray offers a convenient method of covering the whole surface of the lawn quickly. In addition, it allows you to fix a garden hose to the nozzle for spraying on a broader area.

Moreover, it is safe because it applies only to outdoor areas, making it suitable to use.

The hose attachment helps improve the application and protects your hands and skin from contact with chemicals.

Highly toxic for bugs

It is toxic for many plants’ pests and protects them from permanent damage. 

Many pests are affecting the flowering plants and damage the flowers. So, this targeted killing of insects due to toxic spraying elements and repellants in the solution can protect your lawn.

Better packaging

You can get this product in a plastic bottle that is adequately covered. A dial on the plastic bottle restricts the undesired flow of solution out of the bottle.

Moreover, a nozzle allows fine spraying of the solution to the targeted area. It allows a directed release of the solution and prevents off-targeting.

Ready to use product

There is no need to prepare a mixture of two chemicals together before applying the solution.

Moreover, there is a risk of poor handling while mixing the chemicals as they can fall over the hands and affect the skin.

You have to connect a hose on the nozzle that automatically mixes the solution with water and use it on the trees and grassy lawns.

How do you use Cutter backyard spray on plants?

It is not a complicated process to apply cutter backyard on the infested or non-infested plants to protect them from invading pests.

Prepare yourself

You have to prepare yourself for proper handling of the plastic bottle to ensure safety. Use gloves to protect the hands from the adverse effects of chemical drops that can fall accidentally.

After that, wear safety glasses to avoid direct contact with toxic material with the eyes that can irritate. Finally, it is better to put a mask on your face to prevent inhalation of harmful particles.

Read instructions

An instruction manual is present on the backside of the bottle that guides you well in the correct application of the spray.

It is better to read all the instructions carefully before using this product.

Shake the bottle

You have to mix all the ingredients thoroughly by shaking the bottle vigorously. Move the bottle 8 to 10 times in a back and forth motion.

The chemicals can settle down at the bottom of the bottle, so you have to make them a part of the solution again.

Set the dial

A dial is present on the top side of the bottle or behind the nozzle. You have to set the dial so that its solution can reach the nozzle.

Accordingly, move the dial so that the upper end gets open and can transfer the solution.

Attach a garden hose and spray

You can attach a garden hose to the nozzle of the bottle to drizzle the solution over a wide surface area.

After that, go to the farthest end of the lawn and start using. Then, apply it in an overlapping motion and go back.

Cover the whole surface area of the lawn having grass on the surface, and apply it in a sweeping motion even on its edges.

Moreover, spray the solution on the stems and roots, and cover the area underside the leaves of plants.

Also, apply it over the shrubs and twigs and cover the whole trunk regions for scale application.

Things to consider when you use the Cutter backyard spray

There are a few things to consider while applying the Cutter backyard spray on the plants. Take care of your skin and clothes by avoiding direct toxic chemicals.

Moreover, it is better to wear safety glasses when spraying this insect repellant spray that can protect your eyes from damage.

Additionally, wash your hands when you have completed your work. Finally, do not spray the plants when it is raining because the chemicals can flow with rainwater and reach the seawater.

It is toxic for the aquatic flowers and kills them, so you have to be careful and avoid using near the canals.

What are the disadvantages of using Cutter backyard spray on plants?

A Cutter backyard spray offers a wide range of benefits by killing insects, but it cannot distinguish the insects like butterflies which have no harmful effect on the plants.

The non-distinguishing property of this product is a disadvantage that can kill the healthy and beneficial insects also.

Moreover, one bottle can cover only 3500 to 5000 square feet, requiring many bottles to cover a large surface area.

However, it is a temporary solution and keeps the insects away from the plants for only 3 to 4 months. Therefore, you need to reapply the solution when its effect starts getting lower.

The broader coverage of the area with a garden hose attached to the nozzle can result in spraying on the area where you do not want to spray, so you have to be careful about it.

How often should I use Cutter backyard spray on plants?

You do not have to use this spray frequently as it can retain its effect for 115 to 130 days.

The pests become offensive during the summer season, so you have to spray the solution once in the summer season.

Furthermore, reuse this insect repellent product in the following summer season. However, you can use it 5 to 8 times a year in the exact location.

You can apply it once a week in case of heavy infestation of insects; otherwise, do not use it frequently as it can develop resistance in the insects.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 592 people who have used Cutter backyard spray to control the growth of insects by killing them in a targeted manner.

Out of 592 people, 387 people (65%) were satisfied with the results and said that it is a quick and easy-to-use product that has killed 90 to 95% of the insects.

However, 173 people (29%) have reported that it is a cost-effective and safe product, but it is not so efficient and kills only 55 to 68% of the pests.

While the remaining 32 people (6%) have said that it is efficient in killing insects, it is not safe to use when you are not wearing gloves and glasses.

One of its customers said, “I have used cutter spray to remove the pests damaging my plants. It gave better results and killed almost 95% of the pests.”

Another one mentioned: I was frustrated to see the crawling insects like ants in my garden. So, I decided to get cutter backyard spray that had killed many of these bugs quickly.”

This customer mentioned: “I used this product to repel insects that were eating leaves and destroying my garden. It is a good product but requires great care while spraying.”

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