How to Keep Pigeons Away From Windows?

Many people are annoyed by pigeons as they build nests in windows and create a mess that requires frequent cleaning.

How to Keep Pigeons Away From Windows? You can keep pigeons away from windows by installing bird spikes, fake models of their predators, and shiny objects like CDs and mirrors. Moreover, sound gadgets, weatherproof strings, repelling gels, oils, and spices are helpful in deterring pigeons and making your windows free of their feathers and smell.

Do not place a bird bath or a food bowl on your balcony, as it attracts them. Keeping it at a distance is better, particularly at the opposite corner of the yard.

How do you keep pigeons away from windows?

There are many ways to keep the pigeons at a distance from windows that are attracted to a shady and safe place. The reflection of their image and food supply can be the reason for their entry.

Scare the pigeons

Plastic models of predators like hawks, falcons, and owls can help scare pigeons and be installed in the window areas to keep them away.

Getting 3D models that look real because these birds are smart enough to understand your strategy of using these fake decoys soon is better.

Use Shiny objects 

You can place shiny objects like CDs and mirrors to deter pigeons as they are scared of shiny things. They can fly away when they see the light reflecting in mirrors.

In addition, reflecting rods and shiny discs are visual repellants that can produce stimulus after reflecting light resulting in a striking flash.

Reflective tapes and metal or plastic pinwheels reflect light that can efficiently distract and scare them, so they do not sit on the window sill.

Bird spikes 

Bird spikes are the physical deterrents of birds that prevent nesting in specific areas. You can install the spikes on the roosted sites and provide no space for them to sit.

So, you can decrease the available space by installing these spikes on the ledges and sills. It is essential to get spikes that are not sharp; otherwise, these can cut their feet.

You can find many plastic spikes that do not require regular maintenance and are durable. In addition, they are available in transparent colors that do not affect your house’s appearance.

Sound gadgets 

You can use sound gadgets producing ultrasound that is not detectable by humans, but they have a strong sense of hearing. Installation of this device on the balcony can prevent their entry to windows.

It can produce distress calls by using recorded sounds. This method needs to be consistent as you always keep the device on active mode so that pigeons cannot find it fake.

Moreover, a combination of sounds work better as it seems natural. Their strong sense of hearing helps them recognize danger from a long distance and keeps them at a distance.

Weatherproof string 

It is one of the easy methods to wrap a weatherproof string on the window where they are supposed to sit. They are not visible and stretched across the perching spots.

These birds will have a surprise when they sit and maintain grip with their claws and begin to reel on the surface.

Accordingly, they can lose balance and try to fly away with a mindset of not coming again on this spot.

Repelling oils, gels, and spices

Some essential oils like peppermint oil and spices like chili and pepper have a terrible odor for pigeons and are used to prepare repellant sprays.

These sprays are sprinkled on a particular area, having nests to annoy them with the smell. However, they cannot resist the bad odor of cayenne, chili flakes, and even vinegar and fly away.

You can also use chemicals or gels of sticky nature that can irritate birds when they land on their roosting areas.

These chemicals are not harmful to these birds but help deter them from landing on the windows by applying gel on the surface.

Why do people want to keep pigeons away from windows?

Pigeons are attracted to windows for multiple reasons, and it becomes essential to avoid their entry; otherwise, they can make them dirty with droppings and feathers.

Avoid the mess of feathers and poop 

Pigeons are responsible for a lot of mess at the place where they have built their nests or sit regularly. Windows provide a place to sit and relax when they are tired of flying.

They are responsible for making the ledges dirty by leaving their droppings. In addition, they can poop on the window sill and shed their feathers during a molting process that can accumulate on the surface.

Moreover, you have to clean the surface frequently to avoid permanent stains from their droppings. Therefore, create a barrier to avoid the mess caused by their feathers and excrements.

Prevent window collisions 

Many birds collide with the windows glass as they see their reflection and try to come closer. This collision leads to the death of pigeons as they strike to glass with force and fall.

Moreover, they see the sky’s reflection or landscapes in the glass and get confused by considering it real. It attracts and allows them to come closer, but they get a strong hit and die.

You can help save their lives by restricting their movements close to windows. However, keeping them at a distance is better to ensure their safety.

Get rid of the smell of droppings 

The smell of pigeon droppings is unacceptable as they are responsible for a foul odor, particularly when sick.

Moreover, they do not have a prominent smell like those of human feces but are unpleasant to see on the room window.

The selection of appropriate methods like repelling gels and oils can help you get rid of the ammonia-like smell of these droppings that can pollute the air.

Prevent nest formation 

Birds usually keep searching for a safe place, having no threat of attack and sufficient food supply to feed themselves.

In the same way, pigeons begin building a nest in your window if you provide a constant food supply, as they consider it an ideal place to live.

The straws are collected to form nests that can make your house dirty, so you can cut off their food supply to avoid their entry.

Avoid annoying noise 

Some people find their coos annoying and want to get rid of this constant noise. So they make noise when they are happy or feel comfortable in a shady environment.

They coo all the time because this is the way they communicate and transfer messages to each other.

So, you have to develop strategies that make them fly away from your house by handing them some scary objects or models of their predators.

Ensure protection from infections 

Pigeons are responsible for spreading infectious diseases as they directly interact with dirty materials. These birds can transfer almost 60 to 65 types of diseases to humans.

They can release infectious agents in their droppings that can be inhaled and transferred while touching for removal. So you have to keep pigeons away from windows to avoid the risk of diseases.

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