Does Plaster Of Paris Kill Squirrels?

Squirrels are intelligent and adaptable creatures and play an essential role in their surroundings. They can be irritating if they damage property and invade houses.

Does Plaster Of Paris Kill Squirrels? Plaster of Paris can kill squirrels if they consume it; it can cause them dehydration, problem breathing, damage to the digestive system, and skin irritation. It takes almost 5 to 6 hours to kill a squirrel using this poison or depending on the amount of product these rodents consume. It is allowed to use Plaster of Paris in some regions, while in some countries, it is not legal to use this as it can have negative consequences on the ecosystem.

These small agile rodents can be invasive to the ecosystem. Some chemical or natural repellents are available to deter squirrels. It is better to consult with your local wildlife management; they can offer potential solutions to avoid them.

How does the plaster of Paris harm squirrels?

It is a harsh poison that can harm or kill the rodents. There are several ways to kill them by following the proper instructions.


The Plaster of Paris is composed of heating gypsum; it is a mineral consisting of calcium. The dry powder can cause significant issues to the health of squirrels or other animals if they consume it.

It can cause dehydration in rodents as this poison can absorb moisture and leads to dehydration.

This condition can lead to many health issues and even cause rodent death as this poison can absorb the water from the body and other tissues which contains water.

Problem in breathing

This harsh chemical can cause difficulty in breathing if they inhale or smell it. The strong odors can potentially damage their overall health or cause respiratory issues. Continuous exposure can cause coughing and other problems. 

It is better to avoid offering such poisons to these rodents or other animals and apply natural repellents to deter them.

Natural repellents can be effective; it needs patience and consistency to have the desired results. 

Damage to the digestive system

The chemicals present in this product can create blockage in the digestive system of squirrels. They cannot be able to consume food.

The pain in the digestive system can lead to abdominal issues and upset the digestive tract. They eventually die due to severe pain.

There are several natural ways to avoid them from damaging your properties, houses, or gardens.

Skin damage and irritation

These small animals are famous for their adaptive behavior and agile nature. They jump and move quickly from one place to another.

They eat various food items, such as nuts, fruits, and attack bird’s eggs. They can defend themselves from potential threats and predators.

Many people use chemicals and other baits to avoid them. Plaster of Paris can cause serious health issues if they accidentally consume it.

The toxic chemicals can irritate and damage their skin. Skin irritation can lead to severe issues and can have a negative impact on the health of squirrels or other animals.

You can apply other ways to avoid them reaching your yards by not killing or harming them physically. 

How to kill squirrels using Plaster of Paris?

Squirrels are agile and quick movers; they are present in gardens, forests, and even in your yards. They are interesting to observe but can be irritating if they create destruction by invading houses.

Plaster of Paris forms a paste that hardens into a solid form when mixed with water. Its harsh properties can generate heat during the hydration process.

Use it carefully to avoid irritation and other issues, as it can cause burns if it comes into direct contact with your eyes or skin.

You can wear a mask and goggles before starting the process. Ensure to keep the plaster of Paris away from the reach of kids and your pets.

You can take a bowl, pour ¾ cup of this product and mix it with water. You can also put the favorite food of squirrels, such as seeds, nuts, or fruits.

This tactic can help attract rodents to the bait jars. You can place the bait jars in places where these rodents frequently visit.

It is essential to note that this product can affect you immediately if you put the right amount of it and follow the instructions with precautions.

I suggest this to one of my friends, and he is happy with the results. You can repeat the process to get the positive results.

How much time Plaster of Paris takes to kill a squirrel?

It is an effective poison for killing squirrels as it is composed of gypsum, which can harm them.

It generally takes about 5 to 6 hours to kill the squirrels. However, several factors can affect the time duration, such as the amount of product these rodents consume or the age and health of these species.

Young squirrels can die immediately after having the poison as they are not powerful as adults. The digestive system of young rodents cannot consume harsh chemicals and cannot tolerate them, which can lead them to death.

However, this product may not harm adult rodents if they take a small amount of it. It is better to mix the plaster of Paris with their favorite food so that they can consume it.

This behavior can help kill invasive rodents and keep them away from specific places.

What is a good natural repellent for squirrels?

Several natural repellents can help to keep the squirrels away from specific areas.

They are sensitive to the spicy component of hot peppers. You can spray a solution of hot pepper oil and water around the desired area to avoid them.

The scent of predators, such as fox urine or coyote urine, can make these rodents wary and keep them away.

You can purchase predator urine from nearby garden supply stores and place it near areas where rodents are creating problems.

The strong odor of mothballs can deter squirrels. Place them in small mesh bags or tie them in pantyhose and hang them near the affected areas.

They hate the smell of garlic and onions; you can mix chopped garlic and onions with water, let it steep overnight, and then strain the mixture. Spray the solution around the specific area to deter the squirrels.

These rodents find the scent of peppermint oil unpleasant; you can dilute peppermint oil with water, spray it on surfaces, and place them in areas where they come frequently.

You can hang strips of aluminum foil or wrap them around objects you want to protect. This behavior helps deter them from specific areas.

They cannot tolerate loud voices; you can use wind chimes, ultrasonic devices, or playing recordings of predator calls can help keep them away.

Other ways to avoid these rodents are installing barriers, such as a fence or bird spikes prevent them from reaching specific areas, such as bird feeders, yards, and gardens.

It is essential to note that these natural repellents can effectively avoid squirrels. However, you need to repeat the process unless you get satisfactory results.

Natural repellents are time-consuming; they need patience and consistency to get 100% guaranteed results.

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