Do They Kill Squirrels to Make Brushes?

Many commercial industries preparing products from animal fur are killing small animals like squirrels on a massive scale and disposing of the extra material like tails that are useless to them.

Do They Kill Squirrels to Make Brushes? Many brush manufacturing companies kill squirrels to make brushes as they absorb liquid and dry powders well. Moreover, they offer a fine tip and superior texture, resulting in the smooth application of the product. Furthermore, these natural brushes are durable and easy to clean, which helps maintain their quality. 

Many countries have no specific animal welfare laws to restrict the industries from using animal skin and finding suitable alternatives.

The natural brushes are prepared using animal tails like squirrels, which can give a better application, but it is cruel to kill animals.

Are squirrels killed to make brushes?

Many animals are killed on a large scale to use their body hair and fur, making products like clothes and brushes.

They do not attack the wild animals for using their tails, but they are killed for use in industries that need skin and fur to produce products.

It means that they do not kill animals specifically for using their tails. In the same way, the squirrels are also targeted by humans through direct shooting to use them for different purposes.

Furthermore, they are prepared using the tails of squirrels thrown away by the industries. These furry animals are grown at a large scale for industrial purposes.

Many other animal tails like camel, goat, horse, sable, etc. are known for their exclusive properties producing better-quality products.

What types of brushes are made from squirrels?

Squirrels are killed to prepare two commonly used types of brushes, including paint and makeup brushes.

They are made to fulfill the artist’s needs, who prefer highly absorbent material that can take up the colors easily and give a refined look at a canvas.

Also, the makeup brushes are made using squirrel’s tail hair and are considered better than synthetic ones as they offer longevity.

You can find such makeup tools for better foundation finishing using a dense brush and quick application of blush and eyeshadows with ultrafine eyeshadow tools.

Not only are squirrels attacked to get their tails, but horses and goats are also used due to the better strength and flexibility of their hair.

Why do they kill squirrels to make brushes?

The commercial industries are using animal skins to prepare products due to their fur and hair’s extreme softness and durability.

Good absorbance

You can use natural things for painting on large surface areas as they have a better capacity to hold paint and foundation. Large and dense hair can manage painting on broader areas.

They are called mop brushes due to better surface coverage as they can help apply a thick layer. In addition, it can be used to apply foundation on the entire face as it can hold enough material.

Furthermore, this water absorbance quality makes them different from others that are made from synthetic hair, having a lesser capacity to keep the liquid inside.

Fine tip

Ultrafine tail hair can provide a soft brush that can give a luxurious feel when you use it on the skin.

Moreover, the fine tip can make applying the product easy without spreading it anywhere else on your face.

Furthermore, using different colors with such makeup tools, you can make fine creases on the eyes and apply highlighter with a fan brush with a fan shape for better application on cheeks.

It is easy to connect the hair of these furry animals as they have soft and thin bristles that can easily remain attached to each other.


The durability of natural and synthetic brushes makes them different from each other and their smoothness. So you can wash them frequently without worrying about their longevity.

In addition, using warm water does not affect its quality, but you have to moisturize the hair occasionally to keep them intact.

They can retain the soft texture for a lifetime if you take care of them appropriately, as they can get dirty with paint colors and makeup products and need cleaning efforts frequently.

Superior texture 

They have better texture as thin bristles make them feel smooth on the skin. Moreover, some mixed brushes are also prepared, combining natural and synthetic hair.

The mixed hair can make them coarse, sometimes harsh on the skin. A pure natural squirrel brush can be a better option as it is a high-quality product that can give a smooth feel.

Furthermore, it can efficiently hold the dry blush powder and allows you to drop the product on the skin. It is better to check their quality and texture even if you get them for painting.

The coarse hair of synthetic ones can give poor results on the painting canvas, while smooth bristles allow better product application.

Easy to clean 

Cleaning natural brushes made of squirrel hair is easy as you can dip them in warm water to get all the stuff out of them.

They can trap harmful bacteria that can affect your skin; that’s why it is essential to keep them clean to avoid infections, as they can hold dirt.

You can keep it warm with water and shampoo solution for a few minutes and swirl it swiftly. Rinse it with clean water and keep it for drying, which can take even a day for complete drying.

How do they kill squirrels to make brushes?

Many people have claimed to kill squirrels humanely, but this is not true, as they have adopted brutal techniques to take their tails off their bodies.

The brushes are the products of cruel industries that kill them to obtain their fur. They usually trap the animals using steel-jaw traps or strangle them till death.

Some of them probably die in the trappers, or gasses can be used to suffocate them. Moreover, electrocuting on the soft tissues and drowning methods are also employed to get their fur.

What squirrels do they kill to make brushes?

The squirrels used for making high-quality brushes are not the commonly seen garden squirrels. Instead, they use furry animals with long and dense tails that can help make better artist tools.

In addition, brown and grey squirrels are usually used to collect fine hair and make better makeup products.

Moreover, specific squirrels from Russia and Canada are selected for this purpose as they have long hair, which is considered a better option by offering flexibility.

The watercolor brushes need to be of fine quality to give a smooth application of paint colors on the painting platform. They have thick hair on the belly that offers better color holding capacity.

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