Do Squirrels Steal Chicken Eggs?

Squirrels are intelligent animals that have adapted to live in different environments. The eating habits of these species depend on the availability of food, location, and species.

Do Squirrels Steal Chicken Eggs? Squirrels do not usually steal chicken eggs because they love to eat food like nuts, vegetables, and fruits. However, some squirrel species, such as gray, red, and fox squirrels, are known for stealing the eggs. The little animals steal eggs for food sources and foraging purposes. They can easily access the chicken coops if it is not secured and can reach there by climbing and chewing the boundary with their sharp teeth.

You can get rid of them by securing the chicken coops, removing the food from the nesting spaces, and using repellants. 

Why do squirrels steal chicken eggs?

They do not eat chicken eggs usually because squirrels are herbivores. However, they can steal chicken eggs in certain situations.

Eating habits

They are known to have a variety of diets, and they love to eat nuts, especially walnuts, almonds, and acorns. These little creatures also love to eat seeds from different plants, like sunflower seeds and pumpkins.

They are opportunistic feeders and may eat insects like caterpillars and beetles. However, they are picky in their food choices and do not eat spoiled food with a foul odor.

They try to steal chicken eggs if there is little food available. The little creatures find food to avoid starvation.

Food source

squirrels try to steal eggs as a source of food for them. These little creatures are attracted to high-protein food, an essential nutrient for their energy and growth.

They collect and store the food for winter because it is difficult to find the food in cold temperatures. Therefore, the little animals seek warm places to live and find food sources.

Moreover, eggs are an easy food source for them if the coops are rejected or not secured properly.

It is better to block their access to chicken coops because regular consumption of eggs can cause serious health issues for them.

They can stay active and healthy by eating their favorite food, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables. It is essential to let them find the food by themselves in their natural habitat or environment.

Easy to access

The chicken coops can be easy to access for squirrels if they are not adequately secured. In addition, they are known to be agile jumpers, meaning they can move quickly and easily.

These little creatures climb trees and walls to access the chicken coops. Moreover, if there are gaps or holes in the chicken coops, they can chew with their sharp teeth or manage to get into it by squeezing themselves.

It is essential to block all the potential entry points by installing barriers, such as gaps in the roof and under doors, and sealing off holes in the fence. You can also limit the access of these animals by removing food sources like fallen fruits from the trees and bird feeders.

Do other animals steal chicken eggs?

Several types of animals steal chicken eggs, such as snakes, raccoons, opossums, and rats.

It is common behavior of raccoons and opossums to steal or raid chicken coops for food. In addition, many snake species are attracted to eggs, and they view them as a source of food.

Some animals steal the eggs to feed their young and store the eggs for later. This is essential for chicken owners to protect nesting spaces or chicken coops from predators by taking the necessary steps.

How do squirrels steal chicken eggs?

They are clever animals, and they have creative abilities when it comes to finding food.

They do not usually steal chicken eggs, but they use different techniques if they are determined to get something.

They are excellent at climbing walls, trees, or other objects to find the nesting spaces of chickens and get access to it.

Squirrels are sharp animals and can use their teeth and claws to get into the coops. They may try to climb into the nest boxes to get access to the eggs.

The little species can also dig, so they can try to burrow under the ground and beneath the coop to get access to the eggs.

They have sharp teeth and can chew things like wire mesh and wood. They can also access the chicken coops if the space is empty and no one is there.

They quickly grab the eggs using their front paws or their mouth and run immediately. Therefore, it is better to secure the chicken coops to avoid the squirrels and other potential threats from accessing them.

What type of squirrels can steal chicken eggs?

There are different types of squirrels, like, tree squirrels, ground, gray, red, and flying squirrels. These species are famous for their opportunist behavior and can be found stealing food.

This is not the common behavior of the species to steal eggs, but if they cannot find the food they commonly eat, such as insects, nuts, and vegetables. It is most likely to observe them stealing the eggs to fulfill their needs and prevent starvation.

Gray squirrels, red, and fox squirrels are commonly known for stealing eggs. They prey on birds and steal the eggs to add to their diet with protein.

How to stop squirrels from eating chicken eggs?

It is disturbing to see the squirrels in the chicken coops or other places in your house. However, you can avoid them by following methods.

Get rid of squirrels

You can place obstacles around nesting boxes or chicken coops to get rid of them. They are good climbers; you should use metal sheeting around the bottom of the coop so that it is difficult for them to climb or access the nesting spaces.

You can provide them with food and water in their habitats to prevent them from entering the coops. These little animals will not try to get into chicken coops if they have enough water and food in their habitats.

Use repellants

You can use squirrel repellants to keep them away from the chicken coops. They hate the smell of garlic, vinegar, and peppermint oil. You can spray the peppermint oil and vinegar around the nesting spaces to deter these rodents.

You can also use repellants that are available in the market, such as ultrasonic repellants; these devices throw out high-density sounds that are not detectable to humans but can irritate squirrels and other small animals.

I have used electronic repellants to keep them away from the coops. They avoid coming to places that are unsafe and uncomfortable for them. Using natural and commercial methods to deter the little animals is better.

Secure chicken coops

You can place the coops in a secure location that is hard to access for predators and is not easily visible to them.

You can install a strong, secure door to prevent chicken coops from squirrels or other animals. Make sure to lock it all the time and monitor any kind of potential threat.

Remove food source

It is the natural behavior of animals to come to places where they can find food and water. Therefore, you can avoid the squirrels by removing the food source and collecting the eggs as soon as possible.

An empty chicken coop is not a good idea for them as they cannot bother to come to places where there is nothing to eat. However, these species can still irritate you if food sources are present in the coops.

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