Do Crows Peck Out Lambs Eyes?

Crows are omnivore birds and consume various food resources. They attack and feed on injured small animals like lambs, tiny invertebrates, and insects.

Do Crows Peck Out Lambs Eyes? Crows can peck out lambs’ eyes if it is newly born, weak, or dead because they are opportunistic feeders and scavengers. Lambs’ eyes are soft and accessible, have high nutrients, and crows naturally attack these body parts to dig in the inner meat. These birds use their sharp beaks and feet to reach the inner flesh through the lamb’s eyes.

Lambs are sheep babies, and farmers often have a farmhouse with lambs, sheep, goats, cows, and many other animals. There is always a potential threat to these cut little animals from different birds and large animals.

Do crows peck out the eyes of a live lamb?

They are scavengers and do not hesitate to eat dead or live birds and animals if they are easy prey for them. They usually do not attack or kill healthy and adult lambs because they are larger than crows and protect themselves from potential threats.

However, they can attack and peck out the eyes of a young lamb that cannot stand on its feet. The newly born lamb cannot protect itself from predators, such as crows, and these birds attack the lamb to get a healthy and tasty meal.

The ewe or female sheep protect the baby lambs until they can fight the predators and run away from threatened areas.

There are chances that these birds can attack injured lambs because the injured animals cannot run away from this place, and crows attack and peck out their eyes.

Dead lambs are preferable for many predators, including crows and ravens, because they are easy to deal with and eat as compared to live animals.

It is not common behavior of these birds to attack the eyes of large animals and lambs until they find these animals weak, dead, or injured.

Why do crows peck out lambs eyes?

These birds peck out the eyes of dead lambs first before attacking other body parts due to the following reasons.

Scavenger and opportunistic feeders

Crows are opportunistic feeders and attack or kill many birds, insects, and animalsThey feed on the dead bodies of other animals and insects and do not leave anything available to them in the food-foraging process.

They usually feed on dead species because they lack hunting skills and are smaller in size than many animals. They fly from one place to another to find an opportunity to attack, kill, and eat insects, or birds.

Their opportunistic and scavenger nature causes threats to many pet animals because they can attack them if they find them sick or in their early age weeks.

Soft body part

Eyes are the soft body parts of other organs and are more exposed than the heart, kidneys, and other sensitive organs the birds can attack.

These birds peck out the eyes of live or dead lambs because they are more soft and convenient to access. They attack the eyes with their sharp beaks and feet, which causes the animal to lose its eyesight.

They show this inhumane behavior because it is a part of their natural food foraging and predator role in the ecosystem.

The tissues in the eyes are soft and can easily break down if they strike their beaks into these sensitive organs.

They get easy access to the inner flesh if they peck out the animal eyes first and reach the brain and other body parts.

An individual crow cannot deal with the live or dead lamb alone and peck out the eyes at a time, so it calls murders crows to gather around the food source and start the pecking process to enjoy the meat.

They attack a fragile baby animal and target its eyes so it cannot retaliate to save itself from these birds.


Lamb’s eyes are rich in nutrients for crows; therefore, these birds peck their eyes out and eat them before attacking other body organs.

Eyes contain essential fats, nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates, which help these birds get enough energy to carry on their activities.

The soft tissues in the eyes are easy to digest, and the digestive system does not have to work more to break down the meat.

The feathers, bones, and other body organs are difficult to digest and break down if they are high in cellulose and carbohydrates.

Natural behavior

Attacking the eyes of dead and live birds, animals, and insects is the instinct of crows because they find this body organ accessible, and the victim bird or animals lose sight when they attack their eyes.

They are attracted to attack the lamb’s eyes first because of various reasons, as they want to get the flesh from the dead animal’s body.

The flesh contains more health benefits, which cause them to remove the eyes and dig their beaks deeper into the bodies.

It is their natural instinct and cognitive skills to adapt to the convenient way to get healthy and beneficial food.

They play a natural predator role and remove the carcasses from the ecosystem, which minimizes the disease spread due to dead animals.

How do you keep crows away from lambs?

Farmers and landscaping owners use various methods to deter these birds from killing the little lambs in their fields. Some successful techniques the framers use are listed here.

Safe enclosures

Choose safe enclosures for the animals to keep crows away from them, such as wires, fences, and well-sheltered paddocks. These precautions will deter the birds from killing the lambs and keep these animals safe from potential threats.

I am using a net with tiny holes and secure the area around the pet animals, which stops the larger predators at bay.

Farmers also cover the net from all sides and sometimes use mesh wires with fences in the surroundings to keep the lamb safe.

Provide an alternative food source

You can use alternative ways to keep the birds away from lams, such as providing these birds with other food sources they love.

They will move towards the other food if it is conveniently available, and its trick will keep other pet animals safe in the surroundings.

You can attract crows towards other food sources, such as grains, fruits like bananas, nuts, and vegetables, and make sure to provide these food items at some distance from the area where lambs are present.

They prefer to move to areas with more food sources and low predation risks. Therefore, professionals recommend using this trick to keep them at a safe distance from your pet animals in the field.

Scare the crows

You can scare these birds to stay away from your field near the sheep and lambs, and they will not return to this place because they do not want to take risks for their lives.

People use scaring sounds, CDs, reflecting tapes, and decoys to scare these birds and deter them from entering the livestock areas.

Birds move immediately from these places and search for other areas to live and forage food because they are afraid of sharp noises, and they take these sounds as alarms from predators.

Consult professionals

You can consult wildlife professionals if there are murders of crows around your landscaping areas or field and they are attacking and killing the pet animals and birds.

They recommend using livestock guardian animals, such as dogs keep these birds away and protect the lambs. Do not use BB guns or other killing tools to remove crows from these areas without a license.

Can lambs live with crows?

Crows and lambs cannot live together because crows are scavengers and attack young and weak animals if they get a chance. Various cases are reported where crows kill and peck out the eyes of live and dead lambs.

One of my friends has a farmhouse with many sheep, lambs, and cows. He told murders of crows attacked the newly born lamb and pecked out its eyes with their sharp bills, as many crows lived near this area.

Therefore, it is not safe to allow them to live together near each other without precautions, such as safe mesh or enclosure and other protective measures to ensure animal safety.

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