Can Squirrels Eat Dry Dog Food?

Squirrels are attracted to every type of food and consume them due to their omnivorous nature. They prefer to eat fruits, nuts, and dry dog food.

Can Squirrels Eat Dry Dog Food? Squirrels can eat dry dog food when they have no other resources like nuts and fruits. Moreover, it has non-toxic and attractive ingredients that can help squirrels survive. In addition, these are opportunistic feeders and will not leave an open dog’s food tray that is easier to access and consume.

The squirrels make less effort in winter and consume anything that seems edible. For example, they can consume dry and wet dog food because its ingredients appeal to them.

Furthermore, fiber is an essential ingredient in their diet that offer chewing opportunities and allows them to make their teeth strong.

Why do squirrels eat dry dog food?

They eat dry dog food for multiple reasons, particularly when they have no other preferred nutritional sources to meet their daily dietary intake requirements.

Absence of fruits and nuts

They prefer to eat nuts and fruits and shift to secondary options like meat and dog food.

They like to eat juicy fruits and nuts that are rich in protein content, but it becomes essential to shift to other sources for their survival.

Moreover, they feel excited to break the nuts shell as it helps them sharpen teeth and extract digestible material after making an effort.

However, you can assume they are hungry when you see them close to the dog’s food tray.

Non-toxic food 

It is not toxic to the digestive system of dogs and squirrels also because it is designed to be safe for animals. 

Their ingredients are cooked, processed through treatments, and stored in proper containers to avoid the risk of contamination.

Moreover, these ingredients are not dangerous and non-toxic for all animals, so they do not pose any health concerns for squirrels.

Attractive ingredients

Dog foods contain essential ingredients for maintaining a healthy life, and most of them share common ingredients.

They need proteins, salts, and vitamins in a balanced quantity, but carbohydrates are good in low doses. Moreover, it contains sodium, chloride, and vegetables to fulfill salt requirements.

Fats and oils provide sufficient energy to ensure survival by acting as a source of vitamins.

In addition, fish and cereals like beet pulp and rice grain are also present to provide calcium, proteins, and carbohydrates.

So, it is a complete pack of nutrition, and its ingredients can attract squirrels to gain energy for running and climbing higher on the trees.

Opportunistic feeding nature 

They are opportunistic feeders, which means they do not lever any food that is readily available to them. They are omnivores and feed on most plants and animals.

Moreover, they keep munching on nutritional sources like nuts, insects, and even animals that are easier to engulf, like snakes.

These furry animals living in wild areas feed on fruit trees and consume nutritious fruits. Their diet is based on a combination of food types, from fungi, mushrooms, vegetables, and meat.

Accordingly, they will not leave the dog food providing energy through nutrition to get involved in activities like climbing and running.

Easier to access food trays

Food trays are usually present in the open area or close to the animal house, which is easier to access. It is not difficult for squirrels to grab a chunk or slice from their trays and run back to the trees.

An uncovered bowl with wet dog food attracts these furry animals to come closer, grab fish or cereals and run away. So you have to keep the tray in a hidden and safe place if you want to avoid their attack.

Furthermore, you can place them close to these ferocious animals at their feeding time and remove them. It helps prevent them from coming closer to dogs and makes them feel aggressive.

How to prevent squirrels from eating dry dog food?

Squirrels target the dog’s food when they are not finding other nutritional resources to regain their energy and ensure survival.

You have to avoid the attack of squirrels in dog food trays because they can transfer diseases into the bowl when trying to access it. It can affect the health of your dog and can transfer any disease to them.

It is better to change the dog bowl’s location, and you can keep it inside the animal house to prevent easier access. Many people say that their dogs hate squirrels due to this reason.

You can use flakes of red chili and other species to repel these furry animals away from the bowl. A peppermint spray can also effectively repel them as they like its smell.

Furthermore, you can sprinkle cinnamon powder and make a boundary around the dog house to avoid their entry.

In addition, garlic, black pepper, and other pungent odors can make them uncomfortable due to bad smells.

Is dry dog food harmful to squirrels?

The dry dog food is good for the squirrels to eat, but it can get wet in winter due to high humidity levels and allow mold to grow.

A moist surface is a good place for infectious organisms to grow and can cause disease in dogs and squirrels. In addition, the hidden dry food becomes poisonous as it gets wet and develops toxins.

These furry animals do not bother if it’s rotten or not and consume it, resulting in the deterioration of their health.

Furthermore, it is not safe for them to eat rotten and moldy material, and it does more bad than good to them. Therefore, avoiding their direct contact with bowls and hiding them in a safe place is better.

What type of squirrels can eat dog food?

Most of the squirrels, like the Eastern grey squirrel and Eastern fox squirrel that are commonly present in the backyard, like to eat dog food.

Moreover, all the adults and babies of American red squirrels and Southern flying squirrels can consume and digest dry dog food ingredients.

However, their babies need soft or liquid material like milk to grow well in addition to these nutritious sources, and even babies of other rodents can attack these bowls.

You have to train babies to eat because it is a new food type added to their diet because they are good at consuming liquids or milk due to the absence of teeth.

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