Can Pigeons Eat Apples?

Many people have seen pigeons eating apples in their gardens. Pigeons like to eat everything that is easily accessible and possible to eat with their tiny beaks. 

Can Pigeons Eat Apples? Pigeons can eat apples as they are easier to access and offer high nutritional value to their diet. Moreover, it provides a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Furthermore, it is rich in fiber that maintains its gut health, improves feathers conditions, and provides energy to perform tasks like flying, mating, and muscle movement.

Fruits offer multiple benefits to birds’ health, but pigeons’ digestive system is not strong enough to digest complex compounds.

Do pigeons prefer to eat apples?

You probably have seen birds feeding on fruits and vegetables as they are a good source of nutrition. Moreover, pigeons like to eat various natural food sources as they are abundantly available and easier to access.

In addition, their eating habits engage them toward the hanging fruits that are easier to bite and eat. Therefore, it is convenient for them to peck on the fruit and consume a small chunk.

Many birds appreciate this natural meal source as it has a good taste and better nutritional value.

Why do pigeons eat apples?

Pigeons like to fly toward the fruit trees and consider them an excellent treat for their stomach that helps fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Source of carbohydrate

These are a rich source of complex carbohydrates like sucrose as the main component, while fructose and glucose are also present in varying quantities.

The sugary substances make it taste sweet, attracting pigeons as they avoid only food items with a bitter taste.

Moreover, a balanced amount of sugar is added to their diet in the form of simpler carbohydrates. These provide instant energy that helps meet their body’s requirements to perform tasks.

High fiber content

It has a higher content of fiber that helps improve bowel health and reduces the chances of constipation.

Moreover, it helps keep stools in a good consistency by absorbing water, increasing their weight. A medium-sized raw apple weighing around 100 grams has almost 4 to 4.5 g of fiber.

Pectin is commonly present in these fruits, which plays a role in the ripening process and feeds good bacteria in their gut.

Furthermore, they are not easy to digest and remain in the body for a long time, promoting gut health. It helps avoid digestion issues in birds and keeps their bodies lighter.

Rich in protein and vitamins

Proteins are essential for animals and birds to build tissues and repair them. In addition, proteins can help them during growth stages and breeding.

The pigeons require almost 4g to 6g of digestible proteins during regular days, while the body requirement increases when they have to fly and lay eggs.

The amount of protein increases to 18 to 20% from 15%, which is required in winter, because they need more nutritional value to cope with stressful conditions like molting.

In addition, a medium-sized apple provides almost 0.2 to 0.4g of protein and 4.5 to 4.7mg of vitamin C and 54 IU of vitamin A.

Moreover, they need vitamins and proteins for better growth of feathers, and an unbalanced diet leads to the poor condition of feathers.

High nutritional value

They provide high nutritional value in birds’ diets, as a medium-sized fruit has around 5 to 6mg of magnesium.

It is considered a healthy snack that helps overcome hunger quickly because they are easier to access. Many people through peels and rotten fruit in the dust bin that offer food to these birds.

It helps improve their performance, like flying, flapping, and grunting. In addition, it protects muscles and supports their contraction for efficient movement.

What type of apples do pigeons eat?

Pigeons have no specific restricted behavior for some specific types of apples. For example, they can eat raw fruits.

All raw and cooked forms can help fulfill their nutritional requirements.

However, rotten fruit is not suitable for feeding birds as it contains a lot of bacteria and other germs that can affect their health.

Moreover, you have to keep them away from rotting fruit and remove it from the bird feeder when it starts producing a foul odor and replace it with a new and fresh one.

Many types of pigeons are seen feeding on apples, but the main part of the woodpigeons’ diet mainly relies on fruits.

How do you feed apples to pigeons?

You have to feed apples by yourself to the pigeons coming to your garden occasionally or live inside a cage as a pet instead of placing the whole fruit inside their cage.

Accordingly, the placement of whole fruit can pose a risk of disturbed health as they can also consume seeds that can be deadly for them.

Get pesticide-free fruit and wash them properly. Then, cut it into small chunks after peeling the skin and removing the seeds.

Moreover, spread its fine slices in a yard and sit quietly on a bench. These would be attracted to the fruit chunks and eat them.

Furthermore, you can also hand-feed the pet birds who feel comfortable sitting on your hand. Bird feeders can also be used to hold the fruit chunks so that they can come and eat.

Why are apple seeds toxic for pigeons? 

Some birds are not attracted to large-sized apples as it is challenging to consume them, but a few pecks on the hanging fruits by using beaks.

It is safe to eat fruit having higher fiber content because they can help improve health, but their seeds are toxic for pigeons leading to digestion issues.

Moreover, their seeds have amygdalin that releases toxic chemicals like cyanide during chewing that enter the blood.

Accordingly, it is highly toxic, even in small quantities.

It can most commonly irritate their gut, so you have to avoid feeding apple seeds to pigeons.

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