Can Crows Deliver Messages?

Many people try to train crows to deliver messages. They are intelligent and possess excellent problem-solving techniques.

Can Crows Deliver Messages? Crows cannot deliver messages because they prefer to stay in their territories and do not like to cover long distances to send letters. They cannot comprehend human commands and do not understand complex languages. Moreover, these birds have physical limitations, cannot hold the letters in their beaks when flying, and are distracted by other things.

Different birds are famous for message delivery to humans if they are adequately trained because they have the natural traits to understand the training and act according to the learned techniques.

Why crows cannot deliver messages?

The thing about crows delivering messages to other humans is just a fantasy story in movies and myths because they cannot act as a means of communication between two persons. 

Prefer to stay in territories

Crows are territorial birds and do not like to leave their nesting areas without a strong reason, such as they can move from one place to another or cover long distances for food foraging.

They prefer to stay near their territories and protect their nest and babies from potential threats, such as large predators.

They do not prefer to move long distances to deliver human messages because it does not benefit these birds. They like to do activities and tasks to get food or other rewards.

Their actual focus is food and their nesting areas because it is essential for survival in different environments and weather fluctuations.

They do not show interest in delivering letters because it has no benefit for these birds to invest their energy in such jobs.

Cannot comprehend commands

Crows are intelligent and communicate with other birds in many ways, but they cannot understand or comprehend the commands to send letters or information to other humans.

They do not have the cognitive skills and understanding to comprehend the complex system of sending information in different forms to the correct person.

They use their cognitive skills to collect nesting material, build nests, and gather or store food. They use sharp vocalization, body movements, and other cues to communicate with each other but do not understand human orders.

They have natural traits to behave freely and communicate with other birds when they want without any pressure from someone else to talk.

Therefore, they do not get orders from humans to send information or written texts to another person, as it is not their instinct to figure out the person’s commands.

Unable to understand languages

Crows have their own language to communicate with their group fellows and share information about food and predators around their habitat.

They cannot understand human languages and deliver messages. They comprehend the things related to their benefits, such as learning to use sticks and twigs to take food and build a nest.

They cannot process things beyond their understanding; therefore, they fail to send information from one person to another.

Their way of communication is different from humans, and they use their intelligence and memory to do other beneficial things for survival.

Carrying limitations

Crows have sharp beaks and tiny feet, and they use their beaks to break hard food items for eating and digging holes to store food.

They cannot physically carry letters and messages to other humans because their beaks cannot hold the pages and fly long distances to give them to other humans.

The carrying limitation is one of the reasons crows cannot send messages and are used as messengers, as they can drop the letter on the way to the address.

They cannot transfer heavy objects from one place to another, and letters are heavy-weight for these birds. They cannot hold them tightly when flying, which causes the letter to fly away in the air due to pressure.

Can easily get distracted

Crows have a curious nature and are always interested in learning different things about their habitats. They are observed solving puzzles and using various tools to satisfy their curiosity.

They can easily be distracted when observing food sources while flying to their destination, which causes these birds to fail to deliver a message, as they are attracted to the food and leave or forget about the actual purpose.

They face problems and challenges navigating the exact address where they are supposed to send letters because they cannot locate the specific location without long-term training.

Can you train crows to deliver messages?

Training crows to deliver messages is one of the hardest and most time-consuming tasks because it is not a natural trait of these birds to carry letters or information to other people.

They have excellent memory and can learn different skills if they are trained with patience and a positive attitude. Teaching them to deliver messages is a complex and time-taking process, as the learning can take months or years to train these birds.

The training process involves positive reinforcement and providing them rewards if they follow the instructions. It is challenging for them to understand your language, so it is better to be patient and give them time to learn specific things.

My friend trained them to pick up the coin or tiny piece of page and teach them to deliver it to a particular place.

They are attracted to shiny and less-reflecting objects and will pick them up with their beaks, but to deliver these objects to specific addresses is the actual training.

Crows are proven to fail in message delivery, which makes people think these birds cannot send messages, and it is a time waste to train them. However, these birds can learn this behavior and deliver letters with long-term training.

Why do some people consider crows as messengers?

Some people consider crows as messengers because they link these birds with different myths and spiritual signs. There are many famous stories about crows sending information or texts from dead family members in many traditions and cultures.

People assume such things when they see murders of crows around their house or sharp cawing sounds in their yard or outside the home.

They think these birds are delivering messages from their dead ancestors about bad or good things for the future. They feed birds and think offering food will give peace to their departed family members.

Some people consider birds as messengers from God and relate their cawing with messages from God. These things are baseless and have no scientific proof.

Crows have been seen delivering messages in different movies. However, it is fiction, and there are no such events where crows send information to humans.

What birds can deliver messages?

Using birds to deliver messages is not common today because many modern tools and means of communication are present.

However, people often take help from birds to deliver messages in ancient times because people do not have these modern technologies to communicate with each other.

Homing pigeons are the most trusted birds that can send messages to exact addresses with training.

They have the natural traits to learn things more quickly than other birds and deliver the message to the learned address.

They have remarkable instincts to navigate the exact locations and find their way home after covering long distances. The letters are tied with their legs, and the birds reach the address and give the letter to the person.

Falcons also used to deliver messages because they are sharp and learn more quickly about information-delivering training. Ravens can also send messages in particular circumstances because they have an excellent memory and navigate the way home more conveniently.

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