Are Crows Evil Birds?

Crows belong to a fascinating and intelligent bird class known as Corvidae, which includes other birds like magpies, ravens, and jackdaws. They are omnivores and eat fruits, vegetables, dead and alive insects, and any eatable available.

Are Crows Evil Birds? Crows are not evil by nature because they are social and intelligent and behave friendly with humans if you treat them nicely. Some people consider them evil due to the behavior they adopt for survival in changing situations, such as they are food scavengers, and they can destroy the crops in the group form if no food is present, attack other birds and their nests, and show aggression and territorial behavior.

People associate them with misfortune or sometimes with good luck, depending on the culture and beliefs of their ancestors. Some people consider them evil, while others believe it is foolish to relate the birds with myths and treat them rudely.

Are crows evil by nature?

They are not evil because they are social and possess excellent memory. They are just birds and behave according to the changing climate, availability of food resources, and number of predators around their habitat.

They live in groups and communicate with each other about the predators and the food around the surroundings. They behave according to their instincts and do not annoy other birds and humans without any reason.

They make family groups and communicate with their cawing sounds when the predators attack, and they find food so that other family members can join them to eat or store the food.

Crows have a sharp memory and remember human faces when a person feeds them healthy and favorite food.

They do not attack the humans if they give food to these birds and bring gifts or shiny objects for the feeders.

They have excellent problem-solving techniques, such as dig burrows or using sticks to take food out of the stored places. They do not harm others until they attack or threaten them. 

Their survival situation and food foraging sometimes make people think they are aggressive and evil.

Why are crows considered evil birds?

They are considered evil birds for the following reasons.

Crops destruction

They can damage peanuts, wheat, maize, peas, corn, rice, and many other crops, and farmers and landlords think them evil and dangerous for their fields.

Crows forage food in group form and can destroy the crops within a few days. They can remove the seeds from the soil by digging it with their paws and beaks.

They can fly around the field in harvesting season and forage for food sources if no other eatables are available in the surrounding areas.

Farmers and landlords perceive them as evil for their crops, as they can cause the loss of thousands of dollars to the farmers. They have to plant the seeds again and do the hard work if there are many crows in this area.

They will not attack the crops and damage the harvesting area if other preferred food sources are available.

Farmers use different methods to keep them away from their lands and sometimes use poisons to kill the murders of crows around their fields.

Food scavengers

Crows are known for their food scavenger nature, as they steal food from humans and other birds to survive if they do not have adequate food sources available near their nesting places or habitat.

They can enter other birds’ territory when searching for food and steal the food they store for their babies; therefore, they are considered evil.

They can enter your yard and steal the dog and cat food or eat the food you leave on the table when no one is around, which causes people to perceive a negative image of crows.

Attack other birds and their nests

They can attack other birds and their nest if they annoy crows and harm their babies. The birds in your yard and wild are competing for food sources and nesting places.

They can remember the human faces that attack them and retaliate. They have a natural role as predators for other birds and insects, which causes them to become evil for these insects. 

They can prey on small birds and insects to get the necessary nutrients and energy from their meat, such as they attack sparrows, finches, pigeons, and doves. Therefore, they have an image of evil predators due to the behavior they adopt for survival.

Aggressive toward predators

Many predators attack crows to snatch their food or attack the eggs because predators, such as owls, hawks, and foxes, love to eat their eggs when they do not have fruits and vegetables in their surroundings.

They show aggression towards predators that attack their eggs and food these birds store around their habitat, as they are possessive about their babies and food.

Therefore, people think they are evil and harm other birds in the wild, but the truth is, they only behave according to the situation and the predation they face in wild and urban areas.

Territorial behavior

They show territorial behavior, especially in breeding season when other predators or animals try to enter their nesting places and habitat.

They can attack intruding birds and animals in groups and protect their habitat and food sources from predators.

They make cawing sounds in high-pitched voices to call other group members when predators attack their territory.

Predators know about the breeding season of other birds, as they attack their territories to steal the crow eggs and other buried food in their nesting places, which causes the crows to show an offensive attitude, and people take them as evil birds.

What do crows represent?

There are different myths about crows, and all these superstitions do not have any scientific or factual evidence, but people strongly believe in these stories.

Some people think the murders of crows represent death and give signs that death is near, while others believe they carry a message from spiritual sources or a dead family member.

Therefore, they consider these birds evil because they bring bad luck or death.

People also relate the number of crows they see with the sign these birds show, such as five crows show death, while eight crows show omen or bad luck.

They are often present around dead animals, insects, and cemeteries, which causes people to perceive them as dangerous and evil.

They are considered clever, mischievous, and pranksters, as they steal coins, metal objects, and food from humans and other birds.

Some ancestors think these birds are a sign that good and prosperity are on their way. Since they are social and intelligent, they also represent good luck and a happy or new change in your life.

Various traditional cultures and varying beliefs about them because they behave differently in many situations, which is necessary for their survival, and it has nothing to do with good and bad luck. 

Are crows aggressive and evil to humans?

They are not aggressive and evil to humans if they do not interrupt their activities and harass them. They are social and communicate with humans to get food and roost places near their surrounding areas.

They can become friends with humans if they feed them, and the birds bring gifts for them.

They can show aggression if humans attack or trap them because they quickly respond when threatened or stressed.

Crows and humans are living side-by-side for centuries, and there is not a single case reported about crows killing a human by attacking, as they are small-sized compared to humans.

They can irritate or annoy the person if they treat the birds harshly, but they are not evil to humans.

All stories about death and their evilness are anecdotal or due to behavior they adopt in different situations.

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